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Catherine Merri “Katie” Pavlich










Very smart, very, pretty, and very opinionated. If I could sum her up in a word it would be: cold-heated. I don’t like this woman, forget the anger or the arrogance, she likes to hunt, which means that she likes to murder defenseless animals.

If you have the time research her comments on “Cecil, the African Lion, that was that old toothless lion raised in captivity it’s whole life, that piece of shit dentist shot when the natives baited Cecil, out of his cage with a hotdog. 

Normally I would have a field day with some like this, but try thinking of her like Jodi Aries, I used to work with someone who looked and acted just like this woman, and her cold as ice persona, didn’t make me fear or respect her. But rather just made me think, wow what a miserable cunt, and her horrible personality overshadowed her beauty. The pictures below are of a girl that just looks like “Katie.”


























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