Einstein; The “Big-Mac” Daddy

E=mc 2  but nothing else.

E=mc 2, is one of Einstein’s most famous formulas and simply stated: any physical object has energy.

Real World Example

Think of E=mc 2, like the calories in a Big-Mac.

E  = Energy (Usually Electrical, Digestion)
M = Mass     (Any Physical Object, Big Mac)

c 2 = Consistency, moving thru time and space, but maintaining the same properties.

If you were to eat a McDonald’s Big-Mac (Mass), the Calories within the sandwich, would be released when your body digested it, (Energy).

A different Big Mac, made at the same McDonald (or a different one), would still have the same amount of Calories today, as another Big Mac made in China, a million years from now.

(E=mc 2), is not limited to the Big Mac of course, I just wanted to use the sandwich as a very simple illustration.

But Al never worked the Drive-Thru, did he?

What did Albert Einstein do to help the common-man? And let me define the word “help,” as in making life easier, or more enjoyable. I thought the purpose of smart people was to solve the worlds problems, so that life could be better; not worse. 

Instead the brightest minds on the planet build bombs for the government, bombs that kill everybody, but still leave the buildings standing. And create designer bio-weapons like AIDS, but disguise them as diseases, and genetically modify our food and poison our water, so that when the citizens poisoned by there own government die, it looks like cancer. 

I saw an old movie a long time ago with Val Kilmer (Ice-Man from Top Gun), called Real Genius. And here were all these brilliant people working to solve the energy problem necessary to utilize a laser satellite, only to discover, at the end of the movie, that their technology would be used as a weapon by the government.

They didn’t have the sense to realize this at the onset???

Einstein is the most famous genius in modern history, Tesla was used to name a car, and yet he did nothing to help the common-man; his theory E=mc and the energy from splitting the atom, led directly to the development of the Atomic Bomb.

The light-bulb went off, because Edison invented it.

Thomas Edison invented the light-bulb (or at least got credit for it), he turned darkness into day. Now, instead of human beings just being able to utilize half the day, we can use all of it. Edison was the one who took us out of the “dark-ages,” not Einstein.”

If it wasn’t for Edison, we would still be stumbling around at night, like caveman. His contribution to society cannot be over-stated. No modern devices today would have been possible before the light-bulb, or his concept of electricity as a house-hold item. And this was only little more than a century ago.

The guy who created the concept for plumbing, was another man who never got the credit he deserved. He put the “civil” in civilization, and if not for him, we would still be shitting outside just like the rest of the animals.

I wish Einstein would have stayed a patient clerk, because then at least he would have continued providing a service for his fellow-man, that actually had value.

Einstein and his E=mc 2, brilliant as it was (contested and still debated), did nothing to help the common man, that concept, and a $1.79 will get you a large coffee down at your local gas station, but not a discount.


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