2063: Death Penalty Federally Mandated


Because of the backlash from the American public over felonies committed by illegal aliens, the American people demanded that the newly elected president take immediate and severe measures.

The Justice Department said about 98.3 percent — or 50,101 — of the illegal immigrants behind bars were still waiting adjudication while 5,000 or roughly 10% have been granted relief because they risk persecution or serious harm if they are deported.

That means the liberal democratic president prior to the current administration would release them illegally so that they were free to continue to commit even more crimes against innocent American citizens.

“Illegal aliens who commit additional crimes in the United States are a threat to public safety and a burden on our criminal justice system,” Attorney General Holden said in a public statement.

Dreamers are my Nightmare.

“We cannot afford to cloth and house illegal aliens for the rest of their lives for simple killing innocent American citizens, that is not even a punishment compared to our vets dying in the street homeless, and routinely denied medical attention they deserve from the government because it is being used to house illegal immigrants instead.

“The reason we can never fix the illegal immigration problem is because there is no cooperation between federal, state and local governments and never will be, the President said, but I’m going to fix that using my executive order and by-passing congress completely.

The acting President [classified] signed executive order 9,999 which allows the immediate termination of all illegal aliens incarcerated for felonies, thru lethal injections, on the condition that their country of origin denies them deportation.

MS-13 is a gang from El Salvador who loves to cut the heads off their victims, prison is not a punishment. It is a finishing school for thugs. In the black community, Hip-hop (Black Music) or Gangsta Rap you cannot be considered a legitimate rapper unless you have been to prison first, prison is simply a vehicle for selling more music. There will never be any rehabilitation, and the taxpayers of the United States, cannot afford to feed, cloth and house these illegal immigrants who are all criminals in their own country as well, for the rest of their lives.

The only punishment is Death. And Death Penalty must be carried out immediately, right after the sentencing. What good does it do to have the Death Penalty when that person is on Death Row for 30 years, that’s a joke. Regarding Appeals, How many times does a person have to be found guilty of the same crime before the execution is carried out???

For example if felons from Mexico are denied deportation, into their own country, i.e Mexico routinely refuses to accept its own citizens, then that felon is terminated within 24 hours after deportation rejection.

Illegal aliens who are here are breaking the law by definition, and they have no rights, unlike American citizens.

This termination movement gained momentum after the drunk-driving laws changed.

Any minor who got caught drinking and driving without even having a license to begin with, was never allowed to legally obtain a license thereafter.

A drivers license is not a constitutional amendment it is a state privilege. And the lifetime ban for that person breaking the law for driving the without a license while drunk, would be nationwide, so they could not obtain a license in any state.

Then this expanded to include drunk drivers with multiple offenses, after the offender was caught three times, there license was revoked and they could never obtain another one legally again.

Then the number of offenses as was limited from three to one, and if you were ever caught drunk driving on a first offense, you permanently lost your license, or were never allowed to obtain one.





Pretty boy, punk bitch and coward, Enrique Peña Nieto, drug cartel front man looks like he should be doing gay porn. He is the current President of Mexico, and he does nothing to help his own citizens, he won’t even accept deportation. He wants the United States to take care of his people, I don’t know of any other leader in the world that would do that.


He is an embarrassment to all Mexicans everywhere. The Mexican’s are a proud people, poor, but proud, and he tells the illegal immigrants from his country how “not not get caught” by Immigration in the United States. That’s not a leader that’s not even a man, he’s a child and he should be embarrassed to be seen in public.

The same principal then applied to illegal aliens. No one is allowed citizenship just because they apply. Their is no constitutional amendment that guarantees any foreigner citizenship within the United States.

U.S citizenship is not a constitutional right for foreigners. If anyone is caught as an illegal immigrant, no-matter what country they originate from, they can never get citizenship in the U.S thereafter.

After all the sanctuary cities were unfunded and those states went bankrupt, sympathy for the illegal criminals soured when their crime spree spread from the cities into the suburbs, where it actually affected the liberal democrats themselves.

When the Liberal Elites were attacked by the Illegal Immigrant Criminals and had to live with problem they created, they immediately blamed the Independent Conservative Incumbent; who signed executive order 9,999 into law.

Piece of shit, sell-out, closet homosexual, and former President Barack Obama (B.O), promoted open borders thru his presidency but after his term(s) he stayed in Washington D.C and built a 10 foot gate around his personal fortress.

Little publicized fact but Obama had more homeless people living across the street him when he was president, than Illuminati, Puppet, George Bush Jr.


And Barack was the first (and last), black president.


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