10 Commandments on Women

There is no greater pleasure, than the pleasure of a woman. No (straight) man every said on his death-bed, I wish I wouldn’t have fucked all those bitches. He says instead, Please God forgive me for my sins.

No, I’m not a millionaire.

No, I don’t have a great body.

Hell, I don’t even have an okay body, I cringe every time I have to look in the mirror to shave. I kept hoping that when I wake-up the next morning I’ll magically be better looking the next day, but with age everything only gets worse.

No, I don’t have a big dick.

This is for the guys who do NOT have big dicks.


Fortunately you don’t need any of these things to have success with woman.

The one thing I do have is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

And I can help you get success with woman, as my mantra has always been, “If I can do it, so can you.” 

You just need me to show you how.

Do you want to know the truth about woman? I will give you the ten commandments (actually eleven) so you have everything you need to get what you want, –fast.

Can you have any woman you want? That’s up to You.

Can you be confident as you go for any woman you’re after? Yes


Confidence has always been a very popular word when it comes to scoring on chicks. But the word confidence is mid-leading, as it is not quite accurate. Anyways I show you how to be confident with woman, while your making them comfortable with you, even if your a complete stranger, and you will be, even in a bar, or on the Internet.


I had to learn these Ten “Commandments” over a lifetime, but you don’t have to wait that long, you can start benefiting today, no matter your age, education, or income.


Let me tell you a story, I went to a comedy club with my brother and he insisted that we always sat up front. Sometimes he would drink too much and heckle the comedians, because he thought he was funnier than they were -he wasn’t.  

Not all, but most of the really good comedians have routines, they tell a story, usually from their personal life, but none of them are paid to embarrass the patrons who have come to see them. This would be like biting the hand that feeds you. “The Comedy Central presents The Roast Of-“, are done by professionals like Jeff Ross who have been hired to do that specific event and with the permission of the celebrity who volunteered. They signed up for that, you didn’t. And neither did I, and that was my mindset.


Can you imagine roasting Bill Shatner, Snoop Dog, Chevy Chase, Donald Trump, or anyone else who wasn’t in on it from the beginning???

How do think that would make them feel?


Rarely have I ever heard of a comedian (professional or otherwise), whose act was based solely on trashing the people who paid to see them. Andrew Dice Clay may be the exception.

Normally, a professional comedian only insults the Heckler in the audience. The troublemaker. And the comedian has to get the last insult, and each insult must be better than the last, otherwise the   amateur is making a fool out of the professional.


A good comedian will always get the last word by putting a heckler in his place, matching the severity of his insult, tit for tat, and then stop, so he can continue his act. Most hecklers quit when after they know they have been bested. Nothing sobers up some drunk faster than being embarrassed in front of a room full of strangers (except maybe the flashing lights of a police car), and then they stop before things get really ugly. A sobering experience.

Escalating the situation and humiliating an audience member is dangerous, do you have any idea how many mentally unstable people there are in this world?

You go to any bar and deal with drunks on a weekly basis and you’ll find out. It’s gotten so bad, I don’t even eat in restaurants that serve alcohol. Many comedians have been attacked after the show, their cars vandalized, and I had a friend who started to do stand-up, who got into an altercation with a patron who had just been released from prison.

However some of the better comedians can get away with making fun of the people who sit in the front row, if there skillful enough or tactful enough because they really know what their doing. Many entertains go to Hollywood to become actors, but they find more work as comedians instead because that type of work is a lot more abundant. So with an actors background, they are well versed at Improvisation. A real talent.

 Sitting up front always made me and my brother an easy target for gay jokes, even thou we were both married.  

I did not pay to be insulted, I paid to be entertained, that was my mindset. Said another way, I didn’t want to be apart of their act. Unlike the comedian, I’m wasn’t getting paid for being so.

But my younger brother explained to me that he never got offended because he knew the secret of how to get the comedians to leave him alone, even after he started heckling them first.

What was that secret?

He said that no matter what they said, he would start laughing at their jokes, even as they were being made at his expense. By showing the comedian that he wasn’t offended by laughing (which was their job anyway), he was giving them a compliment.

And there is no higher compliment you can pay a comedian than to laugh with them while their making fun of you. It’s not imitation, but rather appreciation that is the highest form of flattery.

I was stunned. It was so obvious, from his view-point, I had no idea, because I didn’t have his mindset. Two people at the same club both being attacked verbally, but him having a great time and me hating every fucking minute of it.

Not only did the comedians stop making fun of him/us, once he saw my brother (sincerely) laughing, but on some occasions they would even send the waitress over with a bottle of champagne.

Others would stop by the bar after the show and asked us if we enjoyed it. Even if they weren’t headliners my brother would treat them as if they were, and asked them for their autograph or a selfie.

The guy we paid to see was hanging out with us. That was fucking amazing!!! Some of the guys were way cooler off stage than they were on it. I never saw the same comedian twice but my brother did, and some of the comedians would even mention his name when they recognized him, if the audience wasn’t too hostile.

Comedian: Hey, Jeremy, you drunk yet motherfucker…

Jeremy held up his glass like he was toasting.

Comedian: Lower that glass I can’t piss that far.  

And the audience would erupt into laughter and clap. Jeremy would laugh too, sometimes his face would even turn Red. 

You see my brother learned the secret of turning the tables on the Comedians, and sharing that with me, he changed my mindset, so much so, that afterwards, not only did I enjoy sitting up front with him, but if we couldn’t get a table near the stage, I was actually disappointed.

He showed me how to get the same enjoyment from the comedy club that he did. Likewise I can show you how to get the same enjoyment from women that I do. He knew comedians, but I knew woman.

Just like he had learned the secret of the Comedians, I had learned the secret of woman, and now I am willing to share those secrets with you, but only for a price of course. $24.95


A successful man knows when to ask for help, that’s what kings do, they seek counsel from the wise. So they themselves can be so. A wise recognizes that he one man will not another a favor, expecting nothing in return, that’s what women do. Women expect something for nothing. And if you do it you have already failed her first test, and she will continue to play you for the fool that you are. 


A wise man can see the folly of doing a woman an favor, whereas a foolish man cannot. Woman are begging to be taught and your going to teach her. Once you have learned the rules yourself.



Even thou The Ten Commandments are about hundred pages long, or 15,000 words, with less than a dozen illustrations, the information is potent. If you knew the secret formula of coke, it might only be a paragraph in length but it would make you a billionaire overnight. 

You want me to show you how to change your life for the better, pay me and I will; your paying me for my experience. Or said another way the things that I had to learn the hard way.

I didn’t have a choice, because either no one else knew or if they did, they sure as hell weren’t going to tell me about it. Other successful men won’t, because you’re the competition.

Things that I know will keep you from wasting your time with woman, and make you successful instead, by avoiding and repeating the same mistakes that I could only learn by making them first. They were painful, embarrassing, and miserable. Some men will never know these secrets.

And that’s why there’s no substitution for Experience.

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One hundred pages, about 15,000 words, with about a dozen illustations



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