10 Illuminati Concepts


Illuminati Motives Partly revealed by by Ted Gunderson (FBI Retired) until he was murdered.


1. Corrupt Current Members of Government Currently In Power. (Money/Sex Bribery).

Hoover became a controversial figure as evidence of his secretive abuses of power began to surface. He was found to have exceeded the jurisdiction of the FBI,[1] and to have used the FBI to harass political dissenters and activists, to amass secret files on political leaders,[2] and to collect evidence using illegal methods.[3] Hoover consequently amassed a great deal of power and was in a position to intimidate and threaten sitting presidents.[

2. Members who currently run for President are bred by Illuminati since childhood.


3. Control the Press

The War on Terror, was a war on the Constitutional Rights of the American Citizens. -Arron Russo


4. Create Wars

Wars are very Profitable for Satantic Rich because the Government has to borrow money from the Federal Reserve, and who pay them. We do, thru Taxes. Everytime money changes hands the government gets their illegal cut. Legal Extortion.

Incompetent and Cognitive Impaired George Bush Jr. was instructed to do to things, Initiate the Patriot Act and Start War with Iraq.

They are going to bancrupt the Entire World Economy on purpose and then come back and solve all the problems.
-John Todd.

5. Eye of Horus

The Eye on the Dollar Bill was not printed on it until after Aleister Crowley, spoke of it in one of his many published books, Magnum Opus was originally published in 1910.

Roosevelt, as he looked at the colored reproduction of the Seal, was first struck with the representation of the “All Seeing Eye,” in 1935, a Masonic representation of The Great Architect of the Universe. Next he was impressed with the idea that the foundation for the new order of the ages (later rephrased to New World Order), but that it would be completed only under the eye of the Great Architect (Satan). Roosevelt was a 32nd degree Mason.


6. Three Letter Words

They created the CIA, FBI, IRS, Area 51, where created to intill fear in the masses.

Bush Sr. Head of the CIA, and Bill Clinton (also CIA), Bush Jr. puppet his handler Dick Cheney ran the show and that’s why the idiot was reading a book upside down in front of a group of children. Barack Obama (CIA), Hilliary Clinton was suppossed to continue their agenda.

There are 13 levels above the 33 levels commonly known. They decided that there are too many people on this planet, war isn’t effective enough so their going to use bio-weapons disquised like the viruses -Benjamin Fulford.

These 13 levels are known as the Military Industrial Complex or the Council on Foreign Relations, and The Tri-Lateral Commission.

CIA is carrying out many illegal activities on US citizen, including, hypnosis, drugs and torture.
-Fritz Springmeier


7. Both Parties are two halves of the same ass.

In 1984 George Bush said that the American people were disillustioned with the Republicans and that they would not be bring them into the NWO, so Bill Clinton Democrate was used instead.

-Cathy Obrien

8. Alien Technology

The Aliens have landed but they are not here to destroy the human race. They could have done that anytime before 1947 and they sure as hell would not wait until they give us technology that would allow us to actually be a threat.

Not all aliens are benevelant because there are more than one species, and some act on our behalf to prevent others from taking advantage. Some manevelant Aliens have abducted humans in exchange for advanced technology, but its the satanic government who will use this technology to stage an “Alien Invasion” in order to move the direction of the human race into a one world order.

Eisenhower and other were apart of the Original MJ12 who believed after the discovery of alien species thru crashed disc’s all streamlined their plans for a NWO.
-Bill Cooper

The “Aliens” could have destroyed the human race anytime they wanted and long ago if that was thier true agenda.

The Aliens have always been here but it is only until the Government got involved that they Aliens suddenly decided to Invade and Conquer.

They are not a dying race who needs the human race to survive if that were the case they would have all died out long before they crashed on this planet.

The government technology is very advanced and leaked out in measured doses to the public in so that corporate illuminati companies can even gain more power and influence over the masses.

We jumped from vacumn tubes to the microchip in one decade and nobody knows who exactly was even responsible forthe microchip.

They would have you believe that they can put a man on the moon, invent fiber-optics, and computers but they cant improve on the gasoline engine???

Address to the 42d Session of the United Nations General Assembly in Sept, 21 1987

Regan said in a speech when he was president, “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat and I think how quickly our differences worldwide it they were facing an alien threat from outside this world…And yet I ask you, is not an Alien force already among us…

9. Secret Societies

There have always been secret societies and devil-worchipping. But in modern history (20th Century) there was one man Aliester Crowley who lowered the bar to a new low, and his modern teaching of Satanism became the blueprint that the Santanic Government follows and this is evident by the symbols on the United States Currency.

Aliester Crowley and the Satanic Teachings in The book “The Law” published in 1904 explains the bizarre fasination with numbers, dates, and bizarre rituals.

And why they must reveal themselves symbolically before they do something like the pre-planned, false flag, self-destructive and treasonous 9-11 to get us into a illegal war with Iraq.
They need to neutralize any countries before they can use or acquire any nuclear weapons against them.

10. Master Plan


Crowley in his many books teaches errorenously that one way to live forever is thru the sacrafice of little children. You have to drink the blood of the human sacrafises like children and even babies. The younger and more innocent the more potent the blood magic ritual becomes. This is also why Aliester Crowley was called “The Wickest Man in the World.”

Satanists are in the Police Force, the Media, the Courts, the Army, the Government, at every level of Society.

People who try to come out and expose them (John Todd) are murdered in front of the Entire Satanic Congregation. Human Sacrafice has always been performed throughout human history and is still practices today.

They constantly pit one group against the other, in race, class, and religious wars. They divide everyone to make them feel helpless.

Food shortage blamed on a failed economy which was artifically created will be used to control the masses, and plastic disposable coffins are being manufacted by the millions right now.
-Ted Gunderson.

One important thing to note is that the agenda of the NWO is not necessarily something that can be completed in one lifetime. It is something that they contribute to and do not expect to see to completion during their own life.

The politicians and celebrities, that have sold their souls to the devil for their postions of power and wealth in politics or the entertainment industry all work toward a one world order because until that is completed the “Devil” as spoken of in the bible, cannot manifest and take reign over the world after its completeion. That is the deal in exchange for their souls, to usher in the New World Order.


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