1. Close the Boarders of the United States.

That means ban everyone from every country, forever. We need to be like the Hell’s Angel’s Motorcycle Club, you have to be born into it to be a member, otherwise you can never join. This nation was founded by Immigrants; that we stole from the American Indians.

Here are a list of words defining Immigrant as defined by the Thesaurus.com Website.


The American Indians are the most disenfranchised citizens in the United States, and we rounded them up, isolated and enslaved them in camps that still exist today called “reservations.”


2. Return our currency to the Gold Standard.

Do you know what are money is base on right now? Nothing. And they print more of it everyday.

3. Abolish the Federal Reserve.

Who are the Federal Reserve? They are an Independent Group of Satanic Bankers who have no allegiance to the United States, but control the economy of the United States and every other country in the world. Rothschild’s, have trillions in their underground vaults but you’ll never hear mention of even one company they own listed in the Fortune 500.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for because all three political parties (Republicans, Demoncrats, Independents), are owned by the same people. How can a terrorist sympathizer and complete unknown, by the way its always an unknown like Barack Obama, acquire the finances to run for president when he was just a community organizer? Only the super wealthy can afford to run for president. And that gay puppet didn’t have a fucking pot to piss in.

4. No More Foreign Aid to any Country.

International Welfare. And the poor people of the other countries never see penny of it.

5. Declare Bankruptcy with the United Nations

We are in debt so deep with China, that we will never get out of it. There is only one solution, write it off!!!

I’ll be happy to file bankruptcy with the United Nations and give China a letter of explanation, written in English, with an apology about how we would just love to pay them back if we had the money; but we don’t. So sorry!!!

What’s China going to do about it???


Why would the United States give China money anyway? All China is going to do is spend it building artificial islands to monopolize the South Pacific Seaway.

By the way, now that were talking about Communist Countries, China can babysit North Korea too. China has a history of invading other countries, like Tibet, they can babysit North Korea too.

The bottom line is every time North Korea fucks up, we are going to hold China responsible. We are no longer the policeman of the world, we are going to force other countries to police the smaller countries around them, who get out of line. We police the policeman.

6. Autonomy.

Eliminate the gasoline engine, and everything else that creates a dependence on foreign country’s run by Radical Islamic terrorists, who use our money to build weapons of mass destruction for the sole purpose of destroying America. Bite the hand that feeds you; starve motherfucker.

7. Eliminate Illegal Agencies; with no Constitutional Powers.

CIA, FBI, IRS, DHS, NSA, and Area 51, the latter, is authorized to use “Lethal Force” on American Citizens for trespassing on their gate-less boundaries. Doesn’t sound like America to you? In 1993 After George Bush Jr declared war on Iraq there were no weapons of mass destruction, and he blamed it on the CIA, and bad Intel.

So basically, the CIA was the scapegoat but because they are above the law nothing will ever happen to them. Regan had no knowledge of Iran-Contrail, that was the CIA’s doing, Obama knew nothing of Trumps wire-tapping, that was the CIA’s doing. When will we put an end to the CIA/Shadow Government forever.

8. Death Penalty

Federal Law mandatory for every State. The states can opt not to use it, but its an option and will always be on the books.

For example:

Anyone who kills a child intentionally or by accident with a stray bullet, during a gang-related drive-by, automatically gets the Death Penalty, and the sentenced is to convicted the day after their conviction.

Your guaranteed a quick an speedy trial, how about a quick and speedy execution? The right to an appeal? If you’ve already been found guilt once by a jury of your peers, how many times does a person, have to be proven guilty, before the sentence is carried out?

Have the appeal within 30 days, if possible, or a reasonable within a year, maximum. Otherwise allow the sentence to supersede the appeal. This is why we have people on Death Row for 25 years, still waiting to be executed.

The anticipation of Death is worse than death. Do you know the psychotic mindset of a person awaiting their own execution? People have no idea what their talking about when they consider cruel and unusual punishment.

9. Mechanize Army

No more ground troops used in the current illegal war, only drones and robots, that would be much cheaper and effective. If machines are taking over all the jobs anyway, the Army should be no exception.  All money for Military expenses can now go to health care for United States citizens.

10. Fix; Not Conquest

No more money spent on meaningless space exploration, we don’t need to colonize Mars, or even the Moon. We need to fix the hole in the Ozone Layer instead, we need to remove the salt from the Oceans and find a fuel source based on that salt.

7/10’s of the Earth’s Surface is covered in water, Salt Water, which means its not drinkable. The scientists need to find a way to separate the salt from the water to make it drinkable; instead of “Fracking.” Why are drilling for water under the land, when we have five oceans?

You want to work with the grain, not against it. And we have almost as much salt as we do dirt, doesn’t somebody other than me think its time to discover uses for salt, other than seasoning our french-fries?

This is not unlike George Washington Carver, and his obsession with uses for the peanut. Why would you go to the store to buy bottled water instead of demanding higher standards from your local water company instead? I mean, you already pay a water bill?


When you out-law guns; only outlaws will have guns.

When the government breaks the law and violates your constitutional rights you the citizen have to protect yourself by taking the law into your own hands.

Nobody wants a revolution; nobody wants to be a slave either.


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