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15 Seconds

There are a lot of weird Internet Meme’s out there, I have one for you, and this is based on a true incident.

I had a beautiful cousin named Marta, and she was a talented singer who worked at a nightclub, and she fell in love with Carlos, a musician who also played at the bar she worked at.

Now Carlos was no stranger to beautiful woman, for he himself was as handsome, as he was sadistic, and during the day he worked as a merchant marine.

One day Carlos was working offshore when one the thick cables holding the support mast snapped and cracked like a whip cutting him across the neck, and slicing his throat open like a razor; almost decapitating his head from his body.

Immediately, the other workers rushed Carlos to the hospital on the mainland in the hopes that maybe the doctors could save his life, but of course that was impossible. His spine itself had been severed and all the doctors could do nothing except wait helplessly like the rest of us for him to die.

We have all heard stories about the brain, and how it continues to live even after the heart has stopped beating, and vice-versa, well nobody knows why, but Carlos continued to live thru the accident, and was even conscious the entire time, whereby all accounts he should have died at the scene.

There was a famous case about a man named Phineas P. Gage (1823 – May 21, 1860) who worked railroad construction and survived a freak accident where a long iron rod, that he was carrying was driven completely through his skull, but he lived thru the accident.

Gage was setting to blast which entailed boring a deep hole into the rock and then adding gun powder and a fuse. He was using the crow-bar he was carrying to pack the sand, clay, and dirt into the hole which covered the powder.

Running behind Gage was pressed for time and distracted and he forgot to cover the gun power with sand, and his crow-bar, made of iron sparked against the rock, ignited the powder which exploded, shooting the iron rod right through his head. But unbelievably Gage still lived another twelve years afterward, and Medical Science to this day, is still at a loss to explain how or why.

Regarding Carlos, the shock waves of the tragedy traveled at the speed of light, and everybody in the village crowded outside the hospital to verify if the story was true. When I got the phone call, and heard what happened and I drove Marta to the hospital.

The hospital staff mistakenly thought that we were family of Carlos; Marta his wife, and I his brother, and they let us both in, but confiscated our camera phones at the entrance.

When we entered the room the two doctors and nurse that had their backs to us, immediately left as soon as we entered it. We didn’t have time to ask them a single question.

Have you ever had a surreal experience? Maybe you were the victim of a serial killer, but managed to escape? Or you got attacked by a bear while you were hiking, and despite being mauled, you lived to tell the tale?

Somethings experiences in life defy words but I’ll try to describe it to you in as best I can.

Carlos, couldn’t move, but he was still alive, and he could even talk single words, but everything sounded guttural. And he could yell and scream.

Carlos had his neck bandaged but there was nothing the doctors could do to stop the bleeding. The doctors tried to give Carlos blood, but he was losing it as fast as he received it. Imagine pouring water thru a screen window.

If I was still alive, and I knew that I was dying, I would have been terrified, and like most people, I would have been praying to God, or at least thought the words, even if I was unable to say them. The fear of going to hell, would have motivated me right up until the last second, no-matter the circumstances.

However, “Carlos,” who had lived a horrible life; stayed true to character right to the end. He didn’t look terrified, which was ironic considering that he of all people should have been. If Carlos didn’t know he was going to hell, everyone else did.

Maybe, Carlos wasn’t even aware of his situation, I’m told, some people don’t even realize their dying if the circumstances of the accident are sudden or tragic enough.

I went to the bathroom because I knew I was going to be sick, and after I vomited, I could hear Carlos, “yelling,” (for lack of a better term), at my cousin, Marta, who had been crying the entire time.

And when I came out she had the look of a woman, who was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and ready to “snap.” There’s that word again.

As I came out she ran into the bathroom crying, and I told her thru the door that I would be waiting for her in the hall, I couldn’t stay in the room any longer. I loved Marta but I begged her not to see Carlos, it wasn’t just because I hated him, it was because of the way he treated her.

Before I left I wanted Carlos to know exactly how I felt about him. You see Carlos wasn’t just a bully, he was a monster. He was not just vile and vicious but unpredictable and crazy as well.

One time I was standing next to him at the bar and he sucker-punched me as hard as he could just to see if he could knock me out with one punch. I fell down and lost a tooth which is still missing to this day.

The bouncer on duty who saw what happened was too afraid to throw him out, so I when I stumbled outside to leave, I slashed all four tires of his new truck.

Another time at the bar when I went to see Marta, play, and I didn’t know he was going to be there, he tried to light my army coat on fire from behind me, while I was still wearing it, and I took it off just as it caught in a blaze, I grabbed a glass bottle of Jack Daniels at threw it at his head, which just missed him when he ducked.

I only pretended to be his friend for as long as I knew him, blaming all my revenge tactics on the alcohol, just like he did with his own behavior. I wanted to stay close, close enough to kill him as soon as I got the chance. I guess when fate stepped in I lost my opportunity forever.

I wasn’t the type of person to speak ill of the dead, or the living, not behind their backs, not even to a horrible person like Carlos, I wanted to tell him what I thought about him while he was still alive, even thou he already knew.

I bent down slightly so I could face him,

“I hate you Carlos, I always hated you, and if there is a hell, I promise you will find your way in it very soon, my friend.”

I don’t know if he even understood me, but Carlos had hate in his eyes and he even tried to spit in my face.

I’m sure hell would find him, but not soon enough for me!!!

I was about to do the unthinkable, something so horrible that only “Carlos,” himself could appreciate it. I took my work-gloves out from my work coat pocket, in case he tried to bite me, then I covered his mouth so he couldn’t scream, and I grabbed the back of his skull and tried to wrench his head from his body.

I pulled his head as hard as I could until I could feel his veins, tendons, and the skin connected with stitches finally give way.

Only when I felt that sickening weight, the weight of his head alone, did I open my eyes again.

I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I was in complete shock, I placed his head on the second hospital bed in the room, I thought that I when I separated his head that it would have kill Carlos instantly, but when I finally opened my eyes to my horror, Carlos was still alive.

I looked over at the first bed and his body was pumping out blood from his neck, to the rhythm of his heart, but less and less blood squirted out with each heartbeat.

Then I looked at the second bed and studied Carlos again, he had the look of a person who’d gone insane from the pain I just inflicted.

His guttural yells that were muffled but were getting louder now as he tried to spit out all of the extra blood that was blocking his airway.

If I didn’t cover his mouth again he would start screaming and the doctors would come rushing in. I took off my coat as I ran toward him and tried to cover his mouth with it, I was afraid to touch him now.

While he was covered I kept looking around the room frantically, wondering what to do.

And then I saw it near the corner of the room, an appliance that was kept there as a convenience for the visitors, and I put Carlos in it.

I shut the glass door to muffle the screams so the doctors wouldn’t be able to hear Carlos inside it.

Would they?

What about Marta?

I looked around the room. How would I explain the trail of blood when she came out of the bathroom, the separation of his head, from his body or any of this?

And then Carlos started yelling again, and I could hear him wailing from within, I had to shut him up…

And then it dawned on me…you can cook things in a microwave.


I had heard an urban legend about a woman who put her poodle in the microwave to dry it after its bath, and it exploded. I don’t know if its true or not but I wasn’t going to take the chance. So I set the timer for 15 seconds.

I didn’t want to leave it on long enough for Carlos head to explode, I just wanted this mother-fucker to suffer as much as possible, before he died.

Now, Carlos looked terrified.

I pressed the “START” button on the microwave, and I did not open the door again until the muffled screaming was over.


I cleaned up all the blood, as best I could after I put the head of Carlos back on the bed with his body and covered it with a sheet before Marta came out. When the doctors and nurses saw me walk out with Marta, they looked at me like I was the one who was missing his head.

I told the doctors that I could not stand by and watch my friend who I loved as a brother suffer so horribly, that him being alive was worse than death. And in my shock and grief, i had performed a “mercy-killing” due to temporary insanity.

I knew the doctors would never believe me, not after they examined Carlos again, and I kept waiting for the police to arrive at my house after I left the hospital, but they never did. Sometimes when I visit my cousin Marta, now a ward of the state, I see her walking around in her nightgown, with something that she carries in her pillow case.

I don’t know what’s in it, and I never asked, but it’s about the size and shape of a human head, and sometimes you can hear Marta’s voice echo down the halls when she sings a song about a man she used to love named “Carlos.”



The original title for this was called “Ahead of Himself,” which is one of a collection of short stories that I will make available to the public hopefully next year 2018.

Did you Know…

IX. Yes, Master

Aside from the short story you just read, that I have also completed my novel, that is entitled, “Yes, Master” and you can purchase now, It is available here:


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