Turtle and the Fish


A story that teaches you something different every-time you read it.

The Turtle and the Fish

The turtle can swim underwater but it lays its eggs on the land.

One day a school of fish were swimming with the turtle, when one of the fish asked. “Turtle where do you lay your eggs, as we have never seen you?”

The turtle told the fish about another world above the sea, called the land and that was where she laid her eggs.

Because the fish could not live outside of the sea, like the turtle, the land was something that they could not even conceive of.

But the fish were wise for they swam in schools. And so it was decided collectively that the fish would no longer swim with the turtle(s), as they pitied her delusion; but more over she had become an embarrassment.

The turtle was not wise like the fish, because she did not swim in schools, but she was compassionate, so she accepted their judgement, even thou not one of the fish could ever explain why they had never seen her lay her eggs in the water.




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