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This started as a whim, I would come across some girl on YouTube that who I thought was really cute, and I wanted to see naked. Now rarely are you going to find an actual picture of the person you just randomly happened to find on YouTube naked. Most girls who have a successful YouTube channel didn’t do it by posting nude pics of herself. You have to wait until she becomes famous (Hollywood famous), before any nude pics surface from her past.

So I put together a few pictures of girls that I saw on YouTube who I thought were really cute, and who would probably never appear naked. But what if I could find pictures of other girls who resembled them closely enough so that it would be a realistic comparison to show me what the intended girl would look like if they were naked.

I was really hesitant about this one, Amanda has a channel on YouTube and I have her link below. You see, every now and then I come across someone on YouTube that completely blows my fucking mind.

Now I am not big on female comedians, but this broad is unintentionally one of the funniest human beings on the planet, I am not bullshitting.

At first I thought this was an act, but then it dawned on me that nobody could be this fucking good. Nobody. And if she is, then either way she’s fucking brilliant. Amanda is always warning everybody about the rapture; and quoting scriptures from memory.

Hey if religion is your bag, so be it. But apparently she lost credibility within the “end of the world community” when she mis-predicted the date of the rapture a couple of times and then other you-tubers started attacking her.

A lot of times she films her videos while on her way to work; which is dangerous because I don’t think she should be driving a car. Even if she does looks like that Flo from the Progressive Insurance Commercial.


When she defends herself against the other “nay-Sayer’s” and pulls over to start crying you really feel sorry for her. The vulnerability is real. And it makes any guy wish he could be there for her, any guy except me, that is.

Anyway after you get past the ridiculousness of the videos, and just study her, she is mesmerizing. Sexy, Fucked-Up and Vulnerable.

What more do you want?