Blu is the new Grey

I have had so many requests for this story (2nd only to 15 seconds), that I brought it back, so amazed was I from my adoring (and equally critical), public.

Your love is worth more to me that your money (cheap fuckers, that you are), that I have republished the story to give you what you demand.  Even thou you don’t deserve it.


I was lying in the back of my property where I had set up a hammock between two palm trees. I started drifting off, when I saw a bright diamond shaped light in the sky.

It was dusk so the light was very distinct and I knew by the way it moved that it was not an airplane. It moved faster than the speed of a rocket but then stopped on a dime and turned at a perfect 90 degree angle several times before it disappeared.

I got up and started walking to my house, because I had an invention that I created, called a “Photo-Telescopic-Recorder” (PTR), it was a cross between a telescope and a camera.

As a man who experienced a lot of sightings, I wanted something that I could use to document my experiences. Maybe even record what I saw tonite, if it came into view again. This way I would be able to record it, with the magnification of a telescope which was many times the power and magnification of a camera-phone.

I could even stream the videos, or upload the images to my Internet Site, or YouTube Account instantly, just like a “Smart-Phone.”

As I went to retrieve my (PTR), from the sun-porch, I felt dizzy as a strange light surrounded me. I saw a movie where a convict had escaped from his cell, and was making a run to the walls of the prison.

A floodlight with sirens blaring in the background paused on him momentarily, and he looked like a deer that was caught in high-beams.


Now that’s how I felt.

When I regained consciousness, I was disoriented, I felt just like I did one time when I woke up in the hospital after getting food poisoning.

God that was painful.

After I recovered the doctor told me that I had died in the ambulance for almost 90 seconds. I remembered nothing. The last thing I do remember was being outside, so when I woke up I expected to see the sky, but instead I saw a strange light, that had no bulbs, or fixtures, it looked like the entire ceiling was glowing.

When I tried to get up, I felt restrained. But from my limited mobility, I couldn’t see any straps on my arms or legs, so I tried to get up again, but this time, I made more progress. However past a certain point, the “G-force” restraint that I felt became unbearable and I fell back into my previous position.
Somehow I realized that I was not alone. To my shock I saw a thin “female” who was smaller than the average woman and looked in appearance to be more like a child, and she was watching me from the far end of the table.

Then to my horror, I somehow realized that she was not of any race that I had seen previously. I kept squinting my eyes to make sure they were in focus.

Who was she?

Where was I?

This “female” didn’t say anything she just looked at me but when I met her eyes, which were abnormally large, she looked away as if embarrassed. She kept avoiding eye-contact.

I felt “emotionally numb” as if certain feelings had been suppressed. I realized fear without experiencing it. One time I went to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed, and he gave me Nova-cane, before he started drilling.

I could still feel the pressure of his drill grinding down on my molars, even if the nerve had been anesthetized.
I felt “Emotionally Anesthetized” but not entirely numb, physically or otherwise.

She looked human but her color was wrong, as if her skin had been tinted, Finally, after what seemed like an eternity I asked her what she wanted.

When she answered, I could hear her, but her mouth barely moved, and when it did, she looked like a woman who lips moved while reading a book, which for some reason I always found sexy.

I asked her if she would come closer to me so that I could see her in the light. She looked like she was hiding herself at least partially in the shadows. She said she was too afraid to show herself, yet.
So I asked her again, “Why was I “strapped” to a table?”

She said, that she had summoned me to ask for a favor. And the reason I couldn’t move, was because she was afraid that after I found what she wanted, that I might get mad at her.
I promised her that I would not get angry, and even if I did, I was in no position to do anything about it anyway, and besides I was much more afraid of her, even if I couldn’t feel it.

I heard her laugh, her mouth didn’t move but the gesture was unmistakable. She begged me not to be afraid, because that would make her sad. She was not here to hurt me, and she was afraid that if she showed herself I would become fearful.

And I told her, that I would try to be brave.
She slowly she slipped out of the darkness, but as she did so the overhead light seems to dim in contrast to her proximity. It was as if she wanted to slowly get me accused to her appearance, so that I would not be afraid when I saw her completely.

She was strangely “exotic” for lack of a better word. Her eyes were hypnotic and sensual despite our alien differences.
She was so slender, that it made her head look slightly over-sized. Many years later I saw a cartoon show called “Bratz,” and except for the coloring, they characters reminded me of her.
Her hips were wide, and her breast were full, but her hands and feet were very slender by comparison. Also, and I can’t be sure, but I think he only four digits on each appendage instead of five a female from the human species.
I noticed her eyes again. And they were unusually dark as well, they had a dark blue color that almost looked black, but with no pupil or whites showing.
Aside from her eyes, and coloring, she looked decidedly human, that favored an Asian accent. She didn’t have a well defined nose, it looked more like a small mound that had formed nostrils.
I don’t know if she had ears, they were covered by her hair which was a dark blue color, not unlike her eyes. But the texture of her hair was long and thick and despite its color, reminded me of an Amazonian Jungle Woman.
Her lips were darker in color than her skin, as well. They were very think but her mouth was small. She “said” that she could not eat solid food, only swallow liquids and that she had to drink all of her meals, even if the food was small enough to fit in her mouth.

I think she described it as a protein plasma, not unlike a milkshake but the color was different. I studied her thick lips and I must have thought of oral sex, at least subconscious because she immediately answered that it would be impossible, even if she allowed it, which she wouldn’t.
Oral sex had been out-lawed in her culture, centuries ago. Using the mouth to engage in sexual activity, was considered filthy and disgusting, not to mention unhygienic, regardless of the pleasure it brought. And if a couple on her world were caught performing it publically, they would both be sentenced to death, with very few exceptions.
I could talk but when after I realized that she could hear my thoughts and I could hear hers, I stopped trying to communicate with my mouth. It wasn’t necessary.
What are you going to do to me, I asked?
I had always found it difficult to “perform” for a female that I wasn’t in love with. And it didn’t matter how young, pretty, or “talented,” she was. She touched me at the side of my head near my temple and my sex instantly became erected and it stayed that way. Suddenly I could also feel the emotion “love” projected, but I don’t know if that was simply provided to me for my benefit, or if it was merely an illusion. If so, it felt as genuine and authentic as any love I had every felt from any human female, in bed or otherwise.

I told her that I was still not emotionally ready even if I was physically able, and I begged her to tell me more about herself before we started.
She was able to transfer her memories to me in a process called “convalescence” or two different organisms sharing the same memories.
In the flash of a thought she showed me her entire history. I could see that she was from another planet, in as distant galaxy, but because her species had advanced “sciences” they could fold time and space like an [accordion] connecting two abstract points in space which formed a tunnel that earth scientists called a worm hole. Their craft could slip thru it for just a fraction of a second before it closed. They didn’t call it space travel but Inter-Dimensional travel instead.
I asked her what her name was, and she said, her species were named, the Blucanterphyscillians (I told her that I would never be able to remember that or even pronounce it correctly, so I asked her if it was okay if I could just called her Blu for short, as her tint of her skin reminded me of that color.
She communicated that she would prefer if I called her Sala, (Say-la), but I don’t think that was her actual name. She may have just shortened it for me, like a woman named Elizabeth preferred to be called just “Liz,” instead.

Also it the custom of her people, to Identify themselves by their species first, and then their name. This was actually a established intergalactic custom shared by most of the more civilized Extraterrestrials.
Apparently there had been a war raged on her planet by an evil race that looked reptilian in appearance. These reptiles did not originate like the “Earth-Serpents” that live underneath our world.
These Reptilians came from another galaxy so the two Serpent Species are not directly related. Many different weapons had been created and used against her race by the Reptilians. Especially targeting the males.
Her species, were peaceful or progressive. They wanted to move up higher than their position in the Cosmic Evolutionary Latter, for lack of a better explanation. But the females of her species were highly desired, not just by the males of her own species, but almost every other species in the Universe as well. Unlike the men, the females could even change their colors within a certain spectrum.
They could even appear Gold, Multicolored, or completely transparent, if the male she choose, desired her to do so. Females were taught to value their children first and then their male counterparts second. But never to value themselves.
It was illegal for the females to have jobs. They were not allowed to hold public positions of power, vote or fight in the military. They were defined by their families, not their positions of rank, employment or individuality.
Females did not commit crimes, because if they did they would be punished indirectly, They would have to watch their families or even children suffer for the crimes that they themselves committed. And this method was used to prevent female incarceration, and was very effective.
Because of their beauty, the constant threat of abduction bordered on obsessive by rival species. When captured they were used exclusively as breeders which was a step above sex slaves.
Every female was to be accounted for, and implanted at birth with a “genetic locator” embedded directly into their “DNA.” This was similar to a Universal GPS.

For Males this was an option, similar to the option of male circumcision decided by the parents after the birth, but unlike this procedure the female “GPS,” was mandated by law.
If one female went missing on their home world, an exhaustive search, investigation, and rescue would be done until that female(s) was located, accounted for or the issue resolved.
The entire populace would be dispatched if necessary. With very few exceptions female were not allowed to travel off their home world, as was the case now, even when escorted with males, which was mandatory.
If the unthinkable happened, and one was captured, which did happen to a female citizen name (Troi), a rescue effort of biblical proportions was undertaken. This is what set off the Million Year War, (not 600,000) as reported by Zachariah Stitchen in his legendary novel, the 12th Planet.
600,000 was only a figurative phrase similar to “40 days and 40 nights” as used in the Bible. Advanced Extraterrestrials don’t measure time by Earth Days or Years.
So 600,000 is a reference of time and not meant to be taken literal. I specified a million, but that too is only an approximation, but still more accurate than the six hundred thousand marker.
So in this respect the female of the species was regarded more valuable than their male counterparts, despite the subservient positions forced on them by their society.
The Reptilians “recently” developed a gender specific weapon, intended to eliminate all of the males first.

The warring Reptilians thought that by doing this it would be much easier to acquire the females and dominate the females thereafter. And exploit all the other resources of her world as well.
Unlike human sperm, which could be frozen, the sperm of this Blu species was much more temperature-fragile and artificial insemination outside of their own species was almost never successful.
Many artificial and genetically designed zygotes resulted in spontaneous abortions at different interval throughout the females pregnancy.
Not all alien species could be genetically modified, or cloned, some were more genetically resistant, than others. Sala, and her species was one of the most resistant. If any inter-species breeding was done after they were captured, most of the mutant offspring, had horrible birth defects or did not live long.
By facing extinction the Reptilians would force the females to mate with them if they wanted any remnants of their own species to survive, even as hybrids.
Some females chose to perish, rather than to be a sex-slaved or breed. Other females tried to hide amongst other species by changing their appearance. Sala said that she selected me because she was trying jump-start the evolution of a younger species on the evolutionary scale to help protect us from the Reptilians.
But why me specifically, I asked, wanting to believe that I was special?
Even thou I had never been abducted by her, or any other alien species, at least that I could remember, Sala felt familiar. There was something very deliberate about this situation as if she had known me before this abduction. I felt this abduction was no random accident.
I also got the feeling that Sala wanted to explain everything to me, but for some reason, she was not allowed, It was forbidden, and that all she could say was that it had to do with my blood-type.

She asked me if it was okay if she could move closer to me and I agreed.

And she asked me if I would grant her request.
I said I would if she promised to make an attempt to see me again.
She said she would but even if she did, a relationship like marriage would be impossible.
And If I refused?
She would leave me and I would never be burdened by her presence again.
I told her to do what she wanted, but requested that she let me out of my restraints so that I could be more comfortable.

But in her reply, I could feel both sadness and fear.
I told her that I would not hurt her. But she reluctantly refused saying that I would have to stay partially restrained during the “insemination” because intercourse by its very nature was a fairly violent act, and that I could easily hurt her or even kill her without any malice or intention.

She would climb on top, and perform that way the entire time because other wise I would crush her. I said I understood. And then she asked me if I was ready. And I had been. Slowly she took off her clothing but again, that was not the correct term. It was more of a second skin. When I saw her completely naked I was overwhelmed by her body.
She was Magnificent.
Her nipples were also dark blue but not quite as dark as the color of her hair or eyes. She did not have any body hair anywhere other than her head. And that included the fine hairs that covered both the male and female human bodies.
As she climbed on top, I felt her breasts; and they were perfect, supple and soft. Her skin felt like a creamy liquid. I was already naked, I have no idea what happened to my clothes, but later I found out I had been abducted without them.

She eased herself on me and all I can explain is that it felt like she had multiple, layered openings. One within another.
A human female has but one opening, but Sala had several and each was more difficult to penetrate than the last. She had to stop and lubricate us several times, and this lubricant also contained a disinfectant.

Each time and very slowly after numerous attempts I was able to fill her most if not all, of her cavity.

I know this will be impossible for females to understand, but to the males of the earth, entering Sala thru her sex had the same sensation of oral sex from a human female. Not only did each sheath custom fit my sex, but it felt like her cavity had a sucking mechanism that both enhanced my own sexual pleasure, but kept me from premature ejaculating at the same time.
I think I called this Orgasm Sync, but this was only my word, not hers. When I woke up I was naked in my backyard, but covered with my Hammock.
I guess after we climaxed I lost consciousness again, and I felt sorrow, as I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. I looked around but nobody was there. I grabbed my pile of clothes loosely stacked nearby and staggered to the house.
I think I may have been delirious. When I checked the clock it was 4am. I had been gone for nearly eight hours. When I made it to my bed I instantly fell asleep but when I woke up the second time it was almost night time again. I know a lot of people have to go to therapy, after an extraterrestrial encounter, but I never had to go to a shrink,

Nor do I care if anyone believes me as I am too old to care about the options of what others may think, and that includes my mental state.
Sala felt like a dream and I can only hope that she is safe and happy no-matter where she is. And that she always remember me.

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