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The Collective

ISBN: 978-0-9988962-7-4

About This Book

Greetings Brethren,

Jump on my magic carpet, and I will take you to far away lands. I will give 15 Seconds of Horror, a tale of an alien abduction that you do NOT want to be rescued from. A warning to those who inherit gifts from dead friends, and relatives. A new profession for women, a solution to end prisons, and a “Spider Furnace, that will make you afraid to check for strange noises coming from the basement.

Here is a collection of my favorite short stories, they include horror, science-fiction, fantasy, parables, the strange, bizarre, and the fact as well as the fiction.

No, no these are tales from my personal life; I have lived them, for what is stranger than fiction?

Before I ever wrote my first novel, Yes Master: Rise of the Witch, I started with short stories, and my critics have told me that my short stories are by far some of the best that they have ever read. They ask me, “Where do you come up with your ideas???”

“I lived them!!!”

You think this is fiction???

Come with me, if you dare, in a world of Horror Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, and Commentary, on a series of short stories that I call, “The Collective.”

-Jason Gabriel Kondrath

Professional writer and novelist.
College Graduate
Communications 25 Years
Computer Graphics and Art
Genius IQ
Eidetic Memory
Test Tube Baby
Used to Bull Eye WAMPRATS in my T-16 back in Beggars Canyon
Favorite Quote to a Woman: Shhhh, No More Talking…..