CIN or Celebrities I Need.

This is a list of women that I would love to fuck the shit out of, and then treat them like non-celebrities by never calling them again. This is not a “Top 10 List,” and the ranking is not of any particular significance.


5. Megan McCain






Meghan Marguerite McCain is an American columnist, author, Fox News Channel host and contributor, and blogger. She is the daughter of 2008 presidential nominee and long-time U.S. Senator John McCain and Cindy Hensley McCain. Wikipedia
Born: October 23, 1984 (age 32 years), Phoenix, AZ
Height: 5′ 1″









1. Leah Remini









This chick captivates me, she is smart, beautiful, and sultry. Look at that smirk, “Just try me Motherfucker,” and I would, she is sassy, sarcastic, and the first one to call you on your bullshit, but you know she would suck you so hard your mouth would be dry for a month.










Anyways, the only place I could see her was on that horrible show, “The King of the Queens,” so I forced myself to watch it on reruns, “Did you know they show that fat-guy more than they do her?” That’s crazy, because she’s the star, and let for some reason the show revolves around him. Baffling.

It was impossible to find one episode without her co-star in it, if I wanted to see some fat disgusting, obnoxious, piece of shit acting like a fool I would have watched “Roseanne” and I’m not talking about John Goodman. Instead of wasting my time downloading that shit. I would much rather try to find some amateur sex tape that Leah did with her scumbag ex-boyfriend before she got famous.

I knew about the evils of Scientology way before any of its famous members went public. Death-star to Princess Leah, anyone who doesn’t recognize “Scientology” for the complete insanity that it is at face value is makes me wonder if there’s not something really wrong with them, Call Me!!!

2. Jenny McCurdy












Strong, smart, sexy, and a great sense of humor, this girl has made some really bad choices, but seems to have learned from her mistakes. She’s been really quiet lately. I love a tough chick with a soft heart. Most of all she is a real person, and has that  “genuine-ness” that always shines thru.
















Jenny has always been cast as the lead characters best friend, but she always steals the show. I’m not saying she can’t handle the lead, but I think her casing as the sidekick is spot-on. Her quick thinking, impromptu skills, and versatility all extremely difficult to pull off, comes effortlessly for Jenny, she never misses a beat, with her perfect timing, that she makes it look easy.











Look at the picture above, I would love to crawl into bed next to her and ask her to read me a chapter from a new book I just downloaded. I think I could tell her about my problems and then when I was finished she would kiss me passionately, and say, “Hey, baby your with me, so everything’s going to be just fine,” and then just fuck the shit out of me for the next three hours, I mean this girl does black guys; so you know she’s a freak.

3. Kat Dennings
















What are the 3 most important characteristics of a woman, Slutty, Slutty, Slutty, and Kat has all three. This chick can be made up to be beautiful, and glamours, like Vanna White, but if you saw her without makeup she would look rather ordinary, like Vanna White, and I don’t mean that as a criticism. But she has that one quality and separates her from the rest of the pact; sex appeal, she can make you want her, and that is something money can’t buy.








Anybody who thinks this woman can’t act, or does not have any depth has never seen her in anything outside the show “Two Broke Girls,” which made her famous. I love those sad brown eyes with that “look of regret” from something in her past that continues to haunt her. If they ever cast for a new Louis Lane in a new television series about Superman, she would be absolutely perfect. Smart, Sexy, Damaged, Vulnerable, and Edgy.











4. Milana Vayntrub




















I didn’t know a lot about this chick, so I went on the website and this is what they said. Milana is an Uzbek American actress, comedian, writer, and producer who is known for playing the character Lily Adams in a series of AT&T television commercials. she is also famous for her LivePrudeGirls YouTube channel and for her role in the CollegeHumor Originals web series. Milana looks like the girl next door, and if its legal she should change her name to “Lily Adams” because she looks like a “Lily Adams.” Take at look at the picture below and you would not believe it’s the same girl, if her name didn’t appear underneath her photo.



















Milana Vayntrub in Slut Mode

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