Clone Wars

Wake Up Moment

Some people woke up during the Kennedy Assignation.

Some people woke up during 9-11.

Some people woke up on Sandy Hook Hoax.

Some people woke up during Boston Marathon Bombing.

Some people woke up during Las Vegas Massacre.

The three most important things in life are:

1. Health (If you dying of cancer, 1,000,000,000 means nothing to you).

2. Time (Winning the Lottery at age 95 means nothing to you).

3. Money

Everyone knows no matter how much money you have you can’t take it with you.

So what are the alternatives?

How about trying to prolong their life for as long as they can.

Cloning technology has existed as far back as World War 2, and was known by the United States after the CIA brought the Nazi scientists over under Operation Paperclip.

Furthermore, if scientist have the ability to clone a sheep they can clone a human being.

Insider have said that “The Boys from Brazil” documents this process almost to the letter.

So what if scientists were hired by the Globalists (Billionaires), to not only replicate another human body from the host, but transfer the “Consciousness” from the host to the new (clone) body. What if they could transfer your consciousness into the body of a different clone?

A celebrity clone, or a political clone like a Manchurian candidate, which every government has been trying to perfect.

That would extend their life thru these synthetic bodies. It is their attempt at Immortality.

This has always been attempted, not unlike the Pharaohs who tried to preserve their treasures with them in the tombs of the Pyramids, but limited by the technology of their time.



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