There was a woman who mentioned the Reptilian Agenda long ago, and her name was Peg Kane. She was a middle aged woman, and U.S citizen who had had connections with an insider from within the government and she was posting them on YouTube, way before it became routine.

She had a message and her message became consistent with every other government whistle-blowers who came forward from within Area 51 and other secret locations.

Her YouTube account was suspended, and she disappeared. Most say  murdered. So did her personal website.  She claimed to be a psychic, and she won the lottery. She was independently wealthy. She had money. She had connections, and she was gaining a huge following which apparently made her very dangerous to certain people.


Here is her revelation in a nutshell: Human Beings are currently used as a food source for a Alien Reptilian Race. The Government is controlled by this race as either clones or Hybrids. The planet Earth is a prison planet, the water has been poisoned with fluoride, the food has been replaced by GMO, and the chem-trails has poisoned the air.

You can’t see the stars at night anymore and that was done to hide the truth. The Earth is locked down, by a Reptilian power-grid preventing us from seeing the reality of our situation.

This Hybrid race are trying to create a one world government. All wars were staged as pre-planned events. They were all triggered to manipulate and control the masses with the media.

9-11 was staged to get us into a war with Iraq to destroy their country, because they no longer wanted to accept U.S dollars for their oil, they only wanted to use gold.

Russia and China were willing to do this and that why they backed Iran. By refusing to accept the U.S Dollars the Federal Reserve owned by these Satanic Bankers who have no allegiance to the United States would bankrupt them. 

China is using North Korea to torment the United States into starting WW3, they have gone rouge, and the Satanic Globalists are trying to blame Russia for election fraud that he had nothing to do with. If anything Putin and Julian Assad merely exposed the truth. The Clinton’s never even denied the authenticity of one email, they merely stated that they were hacked.


Other Alien races are also involved and they have their own agenda the greys are behind many abduction and the government know everything. Secretly the government made a deal with the Greys that they could abduct Humans in exchange for advanced technology. Computer Microchips, Fiber Optics, Stealth Fighters, Cell phone technology, and Lasic Surgery are all created from Alien Technology.


Humans Beings were a gentetic race orginally greated as slaves, but now used primary as a food source. Thousands of children disappear every year without a trace, and they either eaten or sacrafised. There are hundreds of underground caves beneath the Earth and oceans and the Reptilians live there. Also many woman are abducted and locked in cages used as “breeders” or medical experiments.

The Internet was developed and Globalists ever thought it would be the threat it became especially when combined with cell phone technology that can be instantly uploaded. 

Now we the masses are becoming informed and insiders are leaking secrets and the world powers cannot stop it so they are trying to accelerate their plans with false flag operations.

The U.S Government would launch a non-nuclear bomb to go off within its own airspace and blame it on another country. This PULSE weapon in the atmosphere to disable all communications world-wide and when the panic and chaos begins; set off a complete government, banking, and industrial shut-off and martial law will be enacted.

Wal-Marts are being disguised as FEMA Camps are being remodeled right now, and trains with shackles and plastic coffins are being ordered by the hundred of thousands.

Look Up David Icke, and Arizona Welder for further references.








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