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Evil has never been so Close


Shannon walked to the sofa and sat next to Richard the lead guitar player, even thou they had not yet been introduced. He was still talking on the phone, with his eyes closed, even as she sat down and cozied up next to him, making her presence known. He never opened his eyes; Richard had the strained look of someone trying to comprehend something difficult or remember something comlicated.

Shannon waited patiently, she thought maybe he was oblivious to her. But then suddenly he switched the cell phone from one ear to the other, and stretched out his arm without even looking at her, indicating that he wanted one of the two beers that Shannon held in both hands. Shannon smiled as she handed it to him. She was not used to being ignored.

I am Eros Macabre,


If you follow Donald Trump on Twitter, I give him advise all the time. During one campaign speech he said specifically to the African-Americans, and I’m paraphrasing, “Vote for me, what have you got to lose?

And I tweeted him, that if he wanted to expand his base, he would have to try something more universal. Now he had already used the phrase, “Were all Americans,” trying to bridge the cultural gap, but I tweeted him that night after his televised campaign speech and said:

“No Donald, your off the mark, you need to tell the black people, “No matter what the color of your skin is, “We all bleed red and we all die broke,” so that his message would be more Universal to include all American citizens, black and/or poor, and not just the controlling white.

Then in a follow-up speech, after he was elected, and my Tweet mysterious disappeared, but if I ever find it, I will post it on here, Donald said,

“We all bleed red…” he never used the complete phrase “and we all die broke,” he said we all bleed red the same red blood of the American Patriots.

I don’t remember the exact wording he used to rephrase his speech to the country after he was elected but I think it went something like, “We all bleed the same red blood of American Patriots….

I was hoping he meant the New England Patriots who cheated at the last Superbowl. Nobody can come back on the last quarter to win the ga by one point in overtime. The losing team wasn’t even interviewed.

The quarterback had his Jersey stolen, “So What !!!”

I want to hear about how the Patriots won because the Atlantic Falcons suddenly stopped playing in the last quarter.

Anyone who says that you can’t make a difference underestimates the power of the Internet. Everything we say and do does make a difference, because now it spreads all over the world, and with social media, and also the power of “Twitter” it even amplifies the message as it is retweeted and picks up momentum.

Still waiting for my acknowledgement, Uncle Donald, hey maybe you really are a politician after all!!!