I never had any help in my life, not with education, employment, woman, money, anything. And I promised myself that if I ever reached a certain age, I was going to be the one to help all of those people (men), who have no one in there life. There are a lot of boys who are need of an absent father, and if your one of those fathers, you have a lot to be ashamed of.

Anyway, for that silent, long-suffering populace without hope, I am here for you. This is a channel for Men, so let me start with the most basic problem plaguing man since he was created.

What is more important to a man than the size of his dick?


There was some famous actress, I won’t mention her name but you can look it up, and on her wedding night she looked at her husband naked, for the first time, and said, “You have the smallest penis I have ever seen.”

The next day he killed himself.

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