Opposites Attract.

Well if that’s true, I have an observation about the “opposites attract” theory; that is how the universe balances itself.

But let me take it one step further, what happens after opposites attract?


What is the end result of Good vs Evil?

They are opposites.

Pain. War. Suffering.


Let’s pretend that good vs evil were concepts created by a small group of people (Religions), to control a large group of people (The Masses).

With this concept the people in power (Government, Religions) could assigned anyone who was a threat to their power as the enemy (Evil).

For example, the Unites States Government assigned one group “Good” like the Jews, and the other group “bad” like the “Palestinians,” rallying support from it’s citizens with the propaganda media for the Jews no-matter what there true agenda really is?

I don’t know anything about the Palestinians first hand, do you? I know that they were forced to give up their land to the Jews after World War II, and have fighting to get it back every since. Look it up yourself.  

The U.S Government uses the media as propaganda to push it’s own agenda, YouTube flawed and miserable as it is, is still 1000x’s more accurate than any sanitized media outlet because any government whistle blower can secretly upload a video from their camera phone and the government can’t do anything to stop it. Obama did try with “Net Neutrality.”

We declare war with some arbitrary country because they won’t let us run an oil pipeline thru it, next year after we decimate them, and then we agree to rebuild there county as long they agree to include the pipeline that we wanted in the first place.

Do you want to stop being manipulated by your government, religion, and anybody else?

Start thinking for yourself.

If there’s one piece of advise I can give before I die it’s don’t give fucking advise, people have to learn for themselves.

But if I had a second piece of advise it would be, “Think for Yourself.”

Why are we still fighting in this illegal War, does anybody remember?

Why are we relying on Oil, which empowered our enemies (and let define enemies by stating that its anyone who has a different religious belief than their own), instead of marginalizing them by using alternative fuel sources?

The gasoline engine has been obsolete for 80 years. Do you how effective, as a percentage the gasoline engine is???

You would be shocked.

It’s the oil cartels, like Halliburton, owned by Dick Cheney, with the special interests who own our government that declares wars on foreign countries to make sure their oil companies stay in business. War is just a tool for making money by corporations, paid for with the blood of your children, who enlist in the military under the guise of patriotism. But I’m sure I’m just preaching to the choir.



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