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Conspiracy Fact, not theories

They don’t put secret message decoder rings in cereal boxes anymore. Wheaties never put one in their’s and now I know why. Because of past front man Bruce Jenner.

I used to decode secret messages with my decoder ring, from my Fruit Loops Cereal Box, when they still used to do that, and I kept mine, and with my knowledge, I consider myself an foremost expert.

Let’s begin…

There have been a lot of Celebrities who have died recently, and a lot or others who have come forward to expose the evils of Hollywood. Sometimes they speak very cryptically, and nobody understands what it is there saying so I would like to Interpret the hidden message for you.

I am not going list the celebrities links just yet but you can have the message now, which is the most important thing.

Bottom Line

The Human Race is infiltrated by a Alien Race
that evolved from Reptiles that existed in another galaxy and they control the Government, Banks, Courts and the Media.

The politicians are all puppets. These things are
evil, violent and manipulative, and driven. They are behind every war in human history. Their agenda is to destroy the human race. They have stayed well hidden but the Internet has exposed them and the evidence of there agenda is overwhelming.

The Alien Hybrids have advanced cloning technology. The Human Counterparts who sell their souls to the Devil, in-exchange for money and power, usually political, i.e the Bushes, Clinton s, and Obama’s, are replicated and then disposed of.

Why is it that three time defeated Hillary Clinton, who will never be President, and whose own party has given up on her long ago, is still mentioned in the new-entertainment media almost every single day?

She is being protected by the Corporate Media, and well know Internet Giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google. And this goes for Obama to. How many books can she write and who gives a fuck???

How about the fact that the FBI has permanently tarnished its reputation by defending a “woman” who was obviously guilty as sin. Comely himself was guilty of leaking “classified” information and even admitted it before Congress. Why aren’t these people in Prison?

The Outsiders

Neither Trump nor Putin were initially a part of the NWO, so they both have been targeted by the media propaganda and corporately owned networks who are trying to incite WW3, and blame it on them.

If they can’t control the world, they will destroy it, but don’t worry they will survive, with the underground bases built by our tax dollars.

This survivors of the nuclear war, will say we can never have a divided world again, we must be united under a one world government to prevent a nuclear war from every happening again. This is their contingency plan.

Putin did not interfere with the American Election Process. How could he have? They don’t have the technology, they are still a third world country a first rate military.

Or that idiot, patsy Gucifier who nobody seems to mention anymore? Nobody knew that Hillary Clinton had a private server to hack? How are you going to rob a bank when you don’t its secret location?

Someone from within her own party leaked that to the media and that’s why it was exposed, that is the only way any of us found out.If you really believe that Russia hacked the election, then it never would have happened if Hillary hadn’t had a private server.

They want to prosecute Edward Snowden for leaking classified information and selling secrets to the Russians.

Edwin Snowden has let to be convicted, let alone charged with anything. But we have overwhelming evidence the United States Government broke the Law; just by the fact that they never denied it.

Spying on your own citizens secretly before, during and after 9/11 without probably cause or a search warrant is Unconstitutional, and Illegal.

Snowden exposed the truth. You want to convict Snowden on Espionage? No problem. But why don’t we deal with the United States Government first who we already know is guilty of breaking the law. That’s a much bigger problem.

The Clinton’s Campaign Chairman Podesta, and all the other Democrat Insiders, whose emails were hacked never denied the authenticity of the emails. Just that they were exposed. They complained that the truth got out. 

Do you know what those email had on them that Hillary tried to scrub clean with Bit Bleach? Pedophile Ring in Washington D.C (Pizza gate), that Podesta, and all her cronies were involved in. And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

See John Podesta below, that is Hillary’s Campaign Manager, see the picture in the background that is symbolic of Illuminati Human Sacrifice.

James Alefantis pedophile is pictured below, and ranked #49 in the top 50 ‘Most Powerful People in Washington’ as stated by GQ magazine, a pizza owner???

How do we know this Alefantis, is a pedophile, because he had an account that was hacked by another member named, 4Chan just like Hillary.

Now let’s look at his Instagram account, which was publicly accessible until 4Chan began prying in.

The account is filled with bizarre and disturbing pictures – often involving small children. Here are some examples of the pictures that Alefantis had (I can’t/won’t even post them all).

Here is the Poster that ties them all together, if you cant read this then click on the picture to enlarge it. 



Alefantis is connected to very powerful people. The Media is protecting them all. The only thing they covered was a report about someone with a rifle, who threatened to shoot the workers unless they showed him the basement. The police were called and he was arrested and everything was forgotten. But there was never a serious investigation done.

This man may have been some nut, or he may have been a plant. Either way the main stream news entertainment, did a fluffy follow up piece with the terrified Pizza Owner, as  and he tearfully explained how he and his staff were traumatized. 

He is the victim, a helpless pizza maker with no idea how any of this started and how any of these horrible rumors about him being a pedophile almost put him out of business. 

Here is what Reddit did to the hacker called 4chans account after he exposed Alefantis.

The Internet is being censored and the FBI/CIA/DHS and  tracking YouTube, Facebook, and Google (Corporate Internet), and they do this every single time you log in. 

The CIA does not just track your cell phone but everything you do on the Internet based on Keywords, they use an Algorithm, and when it reaches a certain number they start a Dossier (file) on you.

The FBI was also spying on Donald Trump while Barack Obama was still in office, and there is a ton of information on that provided by Wikileaks. And all of these illegal activities are just the icing on the cake. 

If they can do this to the president imagine what they can do to me and you.

Bribes from foreign governments, secret meetings with corporations, rigging questions during the political debates with media, CNN’s Anderson Cooper is a CIA Operative. Election Fraud like Padding the election with “dead” voters. Phony Voters, and Illegal Immigrants.

Disney: The Satanic Kingdom

Other celebrities in the movie and music industry have had a huge influence on children and young adults. Disney: The Satanic Kingdom MK Ultra Mind-controls its stars when they are children, like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilar, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Burns, and countless others.

In almost every Disney Film the mother is absent from the family, when woman are emphasized it’s always negative and at the expense of the children, like the wicked step-mother, or the evil queen as the villain. 

The absentee of the mother in the family, leaves a void by which is filled by hyper-sexualizing children at a very young age. People gloss over the Brittany Spears Meltdown like it never happened. Study the picture below and look at her eyes, she has the same look in her eyes that Charles Manson had.

Christina Aguilar

Miley Cyrus

Amanda Burns

Any celebrity who speaks out against them, like Michael Jackson, Prince, or Joan Rivers is Medicided, killed by their own doctor. Usually it is shortly after they win a huge legal settlement with the company they used to work for. 

Other celebrities who are not nearly as big but still expose the truth are destroyed like Randy Quaid and Kat Williams.

None of these people had there lives destroyed or taken away until after they spoke out against the evil, satanic, bankers, corrupt government, and Hollywood Pedophiles.

It is the belief of the rich, satanic bankers, also known as the Illuminati that the Devil can not come into power to reign until after the one world order/government has been established/set-up for him first.

Right now they want to ban guns because of another school shooting hoax. Everyone knew what what going to happen They let it happen. Do not believe the news, do your own investigation. You have the internet, that’s all you need. Did you know that the Las Vegas Massacre has already been officially closed??? They would have you believe that one man carried up 47 weapons, and started shooting, but we have no evidence because the security camera’s weren’t working.



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