Frick and Frack

Parable of the Snake

One day I working in the garden, and I found a two headed snake, and after my shock I pittied it, For what kind of retched animal like could survive in the wilderness, so I took the Snake it the house and put him in a glass aquarium, where I feed the two of them everyday.

One snake I named Frick, and the other Frack, I would feed them both, but Frick I could pet, Frack did not want to be touched, so I left him alone or he would bite me.

One day when I was petting Frick, Frack became jealous, he did not want me to pet Frick either, Frick never minded.

But neither head would ever bite the other, for if it did, both Snakes would die from the other’s Venom.

So when Frack tried to bite me, I cut his head off, as he was poisonous, I tried to save one by killing the the other.

Both Snakes died.

Parable Explanation

You cannot have the good without the bad, because one does not exist without the other. 

I chose to keep the snake, because I pitied it, I should have put it back into the wilderness, but I was selfish, I just wanted to keep the one snake that I cared for. If you love someone, accept them both good or you will have neither.


-Jason Gabriel Kondrath

From the Book of Rath

“Copyright” © 2012/12/2017

12:04 PM

by Jason Gabriel Kondrath

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