Gabriel the Messenger

Don’t Kill the Messenger










President Trump,


I had a dream, and in it I felt the presence of the Lord upon me
and in recognition I became horrified and all reason
escaped me. Not one question did I think to ask, nor was I able.

And the Lord said unto me:


“Gabriel, you will tell this man who proclaims himself,
King of the States -United that when he instructs the people to
pray, or when he does so by himself in public or private that he

includes the name of my Son, Jesus Christ, who no man shall come to me except thru him.

By name they will know that I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Jacob
and not the God of War, for I did not create one man so that he may kill (slay) another,

nor would I ask him to do so in my namesake.

So saith the Lord, Praise be to God.


Gabriel the Messenger.







Professional writer and novelist.
College Graduate
Communications 25 Years
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