It would be very hypocritical for me to put commercial material on my web-site available for free, especially being an author myself, that being said, much of the material available thru the links below has cost the authors their lifes, and I cannot let their deaths have been in vain. Their message must be heard at any cost -at no cost!

And If you read my obituary one day I would hope that any of you would do the same for me. They can kill the messenger, but the message is eternal.

Here is a list of material that I researched and found extremely interesting or valuable, so much so that I made it available for you, my viewers.

I do not recommend, support, or endorse anything, except, my own shit, but if you would like to take an interest in what interests me, I have a link for you to access the material that is very difficult to find, or generally unknown. 

I am not a book critic, I am not judging the material as good or bad, but it may be socially relevant, thought-provoking, and so controversial, the mainstream media won’t cover it, and well-known publishers won’t mass distribute it or promote it leading to poor distribution. The book itself may have black-listed, unfairly debunked, or outright banned. Did you know that Jessee Ventura, former governor of Minnesota, had seven #1 non-fiction best sellers, and not one of them ever appeared on the New York Times Best Seller List?

I don’t ask you to agree, just think for yourself.


The following list below is not in any particular order of importance or significance, rather I just put things up randomly as they become available.


4. David Paulides

David Paulides is a retired detective who investigated missing children’s cases many of which happened while their families vacationed in the National Parks throughout the United States of America. More bizarre is that the National Parks knows all about the large numbers of disappearances and are in fact covering it up. These are not the books David Paulides wrote, but the interviews that Paulides actually did himself while on radio shows like Art Bell.



3. Body Snatchers















There is a bizarre conspiracy fact that government leaders are actually being assimilated by an alien species and have been since before the first world war, the author Susan Reed was murdered after this book was published, so that alone gives her work enough credibility to be worth reading, regardless of your opinion. 


2. Lab 257













The story of illegal biological weapons manufactured off the East Coast of the United States, made by our government and then released to the unsuspecting public at large to be tested as guinea pigs. This is all part of the Agenda 21 Depopulation Initiative.

AIDS, is not a virus; its a bio-weapon, disguised to look like a virus, and was released to target two specific groups, blacks and homosexuals, and that’s why it originated in Africa. 

Autism was almost unheard of 40 years ago, now 1 in 57 children have it, and it’s because of forced inoculation.


1. Grey State:






Documentary about a global transformation of our police force infiltrating the United States. Do you know who the biggest threat to the U.S Government is

U.S Soldiers returning from Iraq, who speak out against the government, after serving in an illegal war. Don’t believe it, the film-maker of this documentary was killed, in an attempt to suppress this information.