I was working as a real-estate agent and one time I asked out the flirtatious secretary out for drinks after work.
Her name was Kelly, and she was cool, and smart, but a little trashy. We got to the restaurant late because I had just done a closing. And neither one of us ordered very much to eat, so when the drinks hit us, we started getting drunk pretty quick.
After awhile, Kelly had to “powder her nose,” and when she did, the waitress came up and asked me if  I needed another drink, so I asked her to bring me another tequila margarita; no salt on the rim.
Before she left the waitress mentioned that had seen me before,  this pseudo sports bar was a familiar haunt, because it was close to the office where I worked. Their food was a step above the other fast-food restaurants, that had drive-thou’s, plus they had WI-fi, so a lot of times I would meet clients there, if the occasion was casual enough, or just work thru my lunch while I ate.
You have to understand, being a Real-Estate Agent is not a 9 to 5 job. You have to arrange everything around your clients schedule.  You could work days, afternoons, nights, or a combination of all three, and this night was no exception.
I looked at the waitress for the first time and then I recognized her. She was quite striking, young, attractive, but she had a hard look about her, not angry but an intensity that really drew my attention, and kept it.
She was full-figured and she wore her blonde hair up, the way I preferred a woman too. She might have been the bitchy prom queen back in high-school, who would never have given me a second glace, but we weren’t in high-school anymore.
“Yea, I’ve seen you too, but I don’t remember you ever being my waitress before, I think I would have remembered you, “Leigh,” as I glanced at her chest to read her name badge.”
“Well your one of the few people who comes in wearing a $500 suit, each time he dines, she said.
Actually the suits were closer to $1000, because I had a friend who worked as a salesman at a higher-end Men’s Apparel store, and he always gave me his employee discount.
“Thank-You, for the compliment, I replied, but its only for work, I’m a Real-Estate Agent, and the office is right over there I said, pointing to the building outside of our tables window, otherwise I would just wear street clothes like everybody else.”
“Are you a good real-estate agent, she asked.”
“I’m okay, but I wonder if you would have noticed me without me wearing my suit, I said.”  
“I think I would have, she replied.”  
“I doubt it, I said.”
“Why do say that, she asked?”
“Because up until now, you never went out of your way to say, “Hello” or try and make an effort to get my attention, or make it a “coincidence,” that you just happen to always be my waitress no-matter what section I’m sitting in, and that’s why, I said.”  
“You always looked so busy, so I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt you, she said.”
“Are you trying to tell me that you have been interested in me all along, I asked?”
“Maybe, she replied, looking away.”
I had to laugh.
“Why did you decide right now while I’m on a date with another woman to let me know, I asked?”
“Because I don’t think want you to wind up in bed with her tonight, she said.”
Now she had my full attention.
“Is that any of your business, I asked?”
“There’s a certain way I think of you, and if you slept with her, then it would tarnish that image, that’s all she said.”
“Suddenly whatever the hell she was saying was direct enough, and inappropriate enough to sober me up?”
“Well, I’m sorry I don’t live up to the expectations of a waitress, I said.”
“I couldn’t schedule my classes for only the morning, or only the evening this term, and the classes I need for my Masters are only offered once a year, I had to find a job that allowed me to have very flexible schedule, she explained.”
“Just the same you shouldn’t be so judgemental, I said.”
“Is she a friend of yours, Leigh asked.”
“She works with me at the office as a secretary, I said.”
“So if you sleep with her first, and then we started
dating, I would always feel threatened by this woman that you had a history with, she said.”
“Wait a minute, I think your getting way ahead of yourself Leigh, first of all, I don’t like a relatively unknown stranger telling me who they approve of disapprove of me sleeping with, I said, In fact your way out of line girlie.”
“Look get rid of her, and I can make arrangements to meet you tonite instead, she said.”
“No, I shook my head.”
“Why not, she asked?”
“Leigh, your better looking than she is, and I would be crazy not to, but that would be incredible rude, to say the least, and I would never do that to a woman that I’m currently on a date with.
 “Your never going to be serious with this girl anyway, and after you sleep with her, you’ll probably regret it,
you shouldn’t get involved with somebody you work with, and when it dosen’t work out your going to regret that you blew your chance with me, Leigh said.”
“That’s not the point, I’m not going to drop her just because you told me too, there’s a certain code a man has to live by, I don’t know what its called: rules, ethics, morals, none of the above, but I’m not going to cancel a date for one woman while I’m in the middle of a date with another, I said.”
 “I was hoping that maybe you would show me a glimpse of who I thought you were, she said.”  
“Look, why don’t we make a date for another time, instead of tonite, and I will give you the same courtesy that I giving her, I said.”
Just then Kelly came up from behind  her, Are
 you ready to go baby, she asked?”
“Yea, I think I am, you know what Ms. just cancel that drink, I said.
About three days later I called the restaurant and asked if Leigh was working that day, and they said, she wasn’t, so I asked when she was working again, and the time she started.
Two days after that I came in for lunch and asked the hostess to sit me in Leigh’s section specifically. After I sat down I ordered a coke, and waited for her. To my surprise another waitress showed up instead to take my order.
I figured that Leigh saw me and had another waitress take my order, so I told the waitress that I changed my mind and that I was going to sit at the bar instead.
I grabbed my stuff and sat down on one of the stools, still holding my leather briefcase. Suddenly Leigh came outfrom the back of the bar, and before she could say a word, I told her that I wanted to order a drink, and that I needed to talk to her.
“Yes sir, she said as if she had never met me before, what did you need to talk to me about, she asked?”
“The other night, I mean last week, I said.”
She shook her head as if she had no idea what I was talking about.
“When I came in with the redhead, I ordered the margarita’s right before you guys were closing, I said.”
“Is that the drink you’d like to order now, she asked?”
“No, I’m working, I came in to finish what I wanted to ask you, I would like to see after work, tonite if you like?”
“No, she shook her head.”
“No, not tonite, I said, you have classes, I asked?”
“No, I’m not interested she said.”
“Well you said you were the other night, so why don’t you give me another chance, I asked?”
“Sir, I have other customers that I have to wait on, I can’t stay here to explain why I don’t want to go out with you, but I would be happy to get you that drink, if you still want it, she asked?”
+No, I said, but I ordered a coke from the other waitress would you make sure make sure that that bill gets paid, and then I threw a “Jackson” on the counter.”
She nodded and left.
I came in and tried to approach her twice more in the future, but my reception was just as cold, or colder if that was possible, until I stopped going there all together.

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