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Illegal Government


The Federal Government did not give you your rights; the Constitution did. What do you do when the United States Government routinely breaks the laws to suit its needs. The CIA, FBI, IRS, DHS, and Area 51 are all illegal agencies who enforce the illegal activities of the Federal Government, and yet have no police powers as stated in the constitution, what-so-ever.

When the Law (Government) not only fails to protect you; but are themselves the criminals, what other  choice do you have left to protect yourself but to take the law into your own hands? 

If you look at history it has always been that way.

Look at the cover of the magazine below, that is not the uniform of a police officer, that is the uniform of a military soldier fully dressed for battle in a war zone. And these people with automatic weapons, the same weapons that are illegal to civilians are being used to “police” civilians.


It’s no Secret the Federal Government has been Militarizing the Police for quite some time, and now both the CIA, and other Special Interest’s like the Santantic One World Order also know as “Globalists” like George Soros are orchastrating “professional protesters” at every legal legitamiate, and organized protest.

People have a right to Assemble.

You can identify the paid protesters by the hoods or masks they wear over their face to hide their identity. Why would any legitatmate protester need to hide who they are??? The objective is to create violence and chaos so that the right to assemble will be met with Martial Law under any Assemble or Protest will no longer be tolerated.







If you go to any protest, you can believe an equal and/or number of protesters will be acquired only to insite chaos and violence, the police were ordered to stand down in Virgina, until someone was killed.

Now enforcement will be by the military-police, you need to protect yourself. It the police can wear helmets, you can wear helmets. If the facists police (not local law enforcement), can wear riot gear, you can wear riot gear.


Don’t go to your next function without it.

Protect yourself.

Confuse the Military-Police.

Intimidate your enemy.

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Buy Now, now, now, before they make this illegal like automatic weapons.


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