Illustrated Man

Sometimes I get requests to illustrate my stories, and this is no small undertaking. I can’t find anyone good enough to translate my words into pictures.

So I have to learn Adobe Illustrater and other programs that are very time consuming to do it myself. The programs have updates so things change constantly, plus a new add-on becomes available so its a never ending learning process.

Anyway I have to practice some of the new techniques and I don’t like doing anything for free. If you send me a picture of a girl you know, I don’t care if its real-life, or on a commerical, or in a magazine and if you want to see her naked then you email me with the picture of her and I’ll do it. 

Example: This is just a random girl(s) from Facebook.










I’m starting to rethink mail order brides.









I can’t show her completely nude on here as this is a fucking family channel.

No minors.

1.   Contact me thru my email

2.  I will contact you when I’m done. 1 day maximum turnover depending on how many pictures you choose.

$1.00 for 1 Pic

$2.00 for 2 Pic

$3.00 for 3. Three is the limit.

I will remove all her clothes for you. I will always try to make the subject completely naked. Pay me with the link down below and I sent you the pictures. 

3. PayPal.Me/worldofrath


Now if you need furth convincing and look at a previouis post I did.


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