Jeremiah the Bullfrog


I called my brother not too long ago, but on this particular occasion I changed my number without telling him first, and so he answered thinking it was someone else.

“Hello, he said.”

“Bullfrog, I replied.”

“Don’t call me that, he said recognizing my voice.

Then he secretly turned on the speakerphone of his cell-phone, to annoy me, because he knows how much I hated it.

I asked him to turn it off, however, being the younger brother, this middle-aged man could not help reverting to his childhood role. And I gave up trying to prevent him from making a fool of himself, as I could not help reverting into the older.

“You’re a terrible liar, I said.”

“What did you want he asked impatiently.”

“Do you remember the time we both worked at “Fair-haven” Industries, the Automotive Sewing Factory.”

Vaguely, he replied.”

“How about that Memorex Commercial with that idiot in the chair. I asked.”

“Yea, I loved that commercial, he exclaimed, the one with that guy who had his hair flying back from the volume, I haven’t seen that one in ages, this of course this was before CD’s, and DVDs.”

“Fucking idiot had his hair flying back, and his tie flying back, and his lampshade tilted. 

“He caught the drink thou, Jeremy said.”

“Well, he wasn’t that stupid.”

Actually I was the idiot because the commercial was Maxell and not Memorex.

“You called me to reminisce about a commercial.” 

“Do you remember the time we got into that fight right before work, and I left without you.” 


“Yes, you do, I replied. You blasted by me in your motorcycle and cut me off as if proclaiming: “Fuck You Bitch, I don’t need you.”

“He started laughing, No, I don’t remember that.”

“Your a terrible liar, I said.”

“What’s your point.”

“You were Magnificent, in that moment.” 

“Tell me something I don’t know, he replied.”

“What you don’t know was that your shirt was sticking out from the back of your motorcycle jacket, and it flapped in the wind proclaiming your glory, a real bullfrog moment, I continued.” 

“I got to go, he said.”

“I was watching an old commercial as research for a new story I’m writing, and that’s when I saw that Maxell Tape commercial again, but it was by accident, it was not the actual commercial I was looking for.  All that flapping in the video reminded me of you on that motorcycle.”

“I love you too bro,but I got to go,

“I know, I know, but do you forgive me for being a horrible brother, I asked. 

“I do, and you weren’t.” 

“Your a terrible liar I said, and then he hung up on me laughing.”





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