Learn to tune that fucking guitar

Beautiful singer with a powerful chest, I mean lungs, who needs to be in a band For all I know maybe she is, and if so she needs to be out touring making money, and not wasting her time playing on YouTube for free. 

Is this Jess, I doubt it, but every hot chick had a least one scumbag boyfriend in her past who talked them into posing naked.


Okay I was that scumbag boyfriend but let me tell you my side of the story.

Me and Jess had a bitter breakup, and I never would have posted these pictures except that she told all her girlfriends that I have a little dick.

No one asked you to tell the truth.

You hurt me, now I must hurt you.

Look Jess, I know you live in England now, across the pond, so to speak and maybe this isn’t the right time to ask, but can I have my Police Academy DVD Collection back?

Remember you bought them for me as an anniversary gift, and even thou we broke up, technically there still mine. And we both know your only keeping them out of spite.

Very few people can appreciate the understated brilliance that is a Steve Gutenberg comedy.

He is not an asshole!!!

You just being childish, and it’s ironic you hate his movies, because your jealousy and volatile emotional states reminded me of that  malfunctioning robot in the movie “Whose Johnny?”

Another Gutenberg masterpiece, perhaps the centerpiece.

I had hoped that we could move past these childish; pitiful antics but I can see that there are still a few more emotional hurdles that we need to overcome.

P.S. My mom was right about you.
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