Joanne Nosuchinksky











A former Ms. New York, and celebrity personality, the beautiful Joanne Nosuchinsky is featured here. I am a big fan of both Joanne and Katt from the Greg Gutfield show, and even thou Joanne may secretly be annoyed by Katt to the point of leaving the show, those two had chemistry, and there skits were the only reason I watched it. And I think it was a big mistake for Joanne to leave because she was just starting to make a real name for herself. 

My favorite was the skit when she got drunk (for real), and sloppy, slurring her words and drinking on camera, spilling  alcohol all over the front of her top, which became see-thru, after it was soaked. She seemed oblivious as you saw her struggling to get past her lines, and that asshole cameraman didn’t pan up to hide her drunken foolishness, so when they showed the entire thing unedited, it became unintentionally even more hilarious.

I think that Joanne has a drinking problem in real-life, but drinking on the job and acting like a fool is no reason to fire a hot girl, if anything it should be encouraged and promoted.  I’m not judging her, but Joanne is no stranger to racy photos and the ones may or may not be the photos of her fully nude. You decide for yourself.