One thing that I have a real problem with is saving the endangered species, if a species is dying out like the dinosaurs did, then there must be a reason for it.

Here’s my message “Leave well enough alone.”

Ever now and then a story about the panda’s resurfaces on the news. I mean don’t we have enough real shit to deal with, I don’t want to hear about the fucking panda’s, they don’t even live in this country. Panda’s live in China. Those fucking Chinese people probably eat the Panda’s that’s why their extinct.

Here is a clip from Wikipedia: The primary method of breeding giant pandas in captivity is by artificial insemination, as they seem to lose their interest in mating once they were captured.

Captivity is an unnatural environment. Maybe even the Panda’s themselves understand this on some level. And they resist breeding, because they know that’s the reason they were captured.

This led some scientists to try extreme methods, such as showing them videos of giant pandas mating, and giving the males sildenafil (commonly known as “Viagra”).

Are you fucking kidding me? Porn, for Panda’s? How many tax dollars does that cost? I wanna see those fucking films, because as a taxpayer I paid for them. In other words, the Panda’s are captured and shown porn, and then drugged to force them to breed.

I have always hated zoo’s, because imprisoning a wild species is wrong. What if some advanced alien species abducted you with the intention of breeding and studying the human species. Now that you were selected and forced to exist in captivity, so would your children and all future generations.

What about if you just a guy, and the girl they abducted for you; didn’t much appeal to you?

But the Aliens didn’t understand that.

There are plenty of women that no matter how good-looking they were; kept talking until their personality overshadowed everything before I had a chance to block it out. Having no chemistry is bad enough, but how about being trapped with a woman you’re not even attracted to?

Can you imagine being stranded on a deserted island with Rosie O’Donnell??? You know its gonna come down to either “her,”or you.

Just like in that movie, The Highlander, “There can only be one.”

Hey, I ain’t Bullshitting.

If the Panda’s can’t survive in the wild where they belong, than do not force Survival-thru-Captivity, where the only way a female Panda can get pregnant is by Artificial Insemination, if they die out, that is the way of Nature, and you have to respect that!

Stop playing God, just because you think you’re doing the right thing, believe me your not.



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