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I really like Meghan McCarthy, I think she’s a lovable misfit who able to show the humerus, sensitive and creative side of herself that in a media that otherwise could never be done. Internet is the greatest thing since porn.

Anyway it really fun to hear a cute girl talk about the real problems in her life, it really humanizes everybody, like a celebrity who nobody thinks never has to deal with the same day to day mundane shit the average mother-fucker does.

Meghan is any example of a fantasy chick that I would love to spend a night with, and that’s it. One night. I think she thinks she a female comedians, and it’s cool to look for the humor in life, but not everything in life is humorous.

If your not truly a comedic talent but think you are, then you start to do to comedy at inappropriate times, i.e their funeral, then it can really look pathetic, classic example Kathy Griffin.

Can you imagine while fucking her she suddenly decides to use her “Timmy Turner” voice. “Wow, the guys at school are never gonna believe this one.”

Some woman cannot shut up, it’s like a sickness, I know woman love to talk, that’s a given, but this one even talks in her sleep, because she had a nightmare earlier that day that there was something she forgot to say. You ever live in an apartment next to a neighbor who had a loud radio that he would never shut off???

One time I was with my ex who had just completed her three day (straight), marathon on everything that was wrong with me, and I finally had to turn to her and say, “If you say one more word, I’m going to drive this car right off the bridge.”

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