Female Comedian? I really don’t know too much about Nichole, other than she is extremely annoying popular on YouTube. I tried to sit thru one of her two-minute videos but I cracked at like :35 seconds.

I have nothing against female comedians, but hot chick’s like Nichole complaining about non-sense, like how toilets are female oppressive, while real women have actual issues, is getting tedious, and if she ever climbed down from her Ivory Tower maybe she’d know the difference.

Nichole would be an excellent thumbnail for a Milf’s website. I’m not saying she does or promotes porn, but she is very attractive, if not slightly obnoxious and insensitive. Spoiler Alert, her videos are so much better if you watch them with the sound off, but then again I wouldn’t know.

Now of course the pictures below are not actually Nicole Arbor. A woman who does videos on such topics as, “How to get laid during the Holiday’s, Why your excuses are Bullshit, and “Slutty Clause 2,” is way too classy to have any pornographic skeletons in her X-ray room.

Her website if you can stomach it:



My fantasy image of Nichole waiting for me to get home after work, if I actually had a job.














What I think Nichole would look like when I woke up next to her the following morning.