Recently, I had to travel back in time borrowing my Uncles DeLorean, because I had to save this current version of reality from yet another Time-Space paradox in the Multiverse.

Multiverse? Just try and think of our Universe as one pancake on top of a stack of pancakes.

After my work was finished, I decided to stay for a couple extra weeks, because I was in no hurry to get back to our current version of reality any time soon, I know how this shit plays out.

So, while mingling with the locals of that time, I blended in by working as a street artist, and photographer. The Sheriff of Deadwood seemed some-what impressed with my work, and asked me if I wouldn’t mind painting him, with one of his “Saloon Gals;” after we bartered on a price, they commenced to posing. 

A a joke she wanted to wear a matching hat, I think her name was “Poker Jessie.”

Sheriff said that he wanted a reminder of this town before he left for New York City, to entertain, city-folk on the stage with a friend of his named, William Cody, who owned and performed in a “Wild West Show.”

Really nice fella that Sheriff, I think he said his name was “Bill.”



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