Pet Relic

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What is Pet Relic?

Pets are beloved. Members of our family and deserving of our love. They should be remembered. Not everyone wants to bury their pets in the backyard. Some people even have their pets cremated to keep their ashes as a keepsake.

My Aunt Nora had a pet that she took to a “Pet Funeral Parlor” and she requested the pets ashes, which they gave to her in a cardboard box, not unlike a smaller “Happy meal” Container that you might buy at McDonald.

Actually this more than fifteen years ago from this date, so the container was syraform when McDonald still used that type of thing to keep their “food” warm.

My Aunt was really upset because what they handed her looked like something that belonged in an ashtray. So I had a specialized container that she could use instead, but I forgot that it had some liquid in it that I was working with at the time and the ashes floated, like a Sno-Globe.

She set it down on top of the mantel of the fire-place for a minute before she packed her things to go back home. When she came back into the room, the image of her pets ashes floating in the Pet-Relic, was striking, as she looked at it from a distance.

I had only meant to give her something more appropriate to transport the ashes in until she got home, as she was still on Vacation. But when she looked at the glass container, she said it looked like a keepsake.

Now you can buy the Pet Relic Kit to commemorate your pet as well, and I will give you everything you need:

1. The Glass Urn  6″ (Inches)

2. The Preservation Liquid

24 Ounces which is more than enough for two applications, and more can always be ordered.

3. Enhancers (shiny particles that highlights or accents the ashes)

The Globe Model

6″ (Circumference)

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Each Model only $99.99

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Prism Model only $99.99

Globe Model only $99.99

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