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Thank you for viewing this website, I am honored. I will introduce myself to those of you who do not already know me, I am the “Rath,” that is my Internet name. I made it one word for you people who have a hard time remembering shit, like myself.

Anyway I want to give notice that I am making changes; I didn’t want to but there is always room for improvement, and that takes a lot of time, energy and commitment. In fact it was even interfering with my job, and I had to make some hard decisions. 

And fortunately for you, I was willing to sacrifice my dream job of 25 years, working for the State Mental Institution; just so I could spend more time on this commercial website. And that cutting expenses and even moving in with my mom at the “Shet Hoe Trailer Park &  Nuclear Waste-Storage Facility,  guaranteeing that I will never have sex again, but in this day and age we all have to make sacrifices, and I will do my part, because you motherfuckers are worth it.

Besides when I worked as an orderly, at my old job, we had this one patient who kept escaping, (he thought he was “Houdini”), and I really got tired of looking for that motherfucker troubled soul, apparently he didn’t like the hospital food, and Domino’s pissed him off because they refused to deliver to the “nut-house,” (their words, not mine), personally I couldn’t blame em’ I mean I hated that hospital food too. Gave everybody the shitz.

Over the years, I always attempted to make a living creatively, because anything less, even if I became a doctor, would have been a waste of life. There are more ways than working in the medical profession to save lives. Read that again.

When I was a child, everybody acted the same, and if you were “different” you were punished or ostracized. I was trying to actually think, while everybody else was busy trying to memorize meaningless trivia like history, geography, and algebra.

I don’t want to embarrass myself by giving my age, but I remember going thru the school system when it was just a war zone, now it’s a slaughter house. I don’t believer 14 year old freshman should be in the same school with 18 year olds, that is a very inappropriate situation.

I don’t know what thought they were preparing me for, maybe prison because it sure in the fuck wasn’t college. Bullying is just now starting to be taken seriously. If somebody hit you at work, they would be arrested for assault, but imagine if your a child and you had to suffer the physical abuse and the mental abuse of the fear that the bully causes from that abuse?

As a child the effects are much more severe than if they happen to you as an adult.

Don’t you be mislead by that “rites of passage,” bullshit, you ask any woman who was raped as an adult how horrible it was, now can you imagine that same person being raped at 5 years old??? It’s always more traumatic as a child, not less!!! And bullying will cause mental scars for the rest of your life, because the mental processes of the the child are still developing while the bullying is happening. 

These are your kids who are committing suicide because of Internet bullying. An eleven year old has no business being on a social website with adults, like this one. I don’t care if they call themselves, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or Children’s Crime-scene photos. A website with adults is an adult website, and it doesn’t have to be pornographic to be adult.

When they put metal detectors in the schools, that was the signal for me that the gloves were off, if your child’s school is that dangerous, they don’t belong there in the first place. 

Home Schooling will be the future, fuck socialization, and indoctrination, I’ve seen the system it works but it is far from efficient. How effective is a gasoline engine? Teaching is a dying profession.

Speaking of professions, you don’t need to worry about illegal aliens stealing our jobs, technology is making human employment unnecessary. We have made ourselves extinct. So who are the machines producing for?

The next step in our evolution will be spiritual, what do you do when you have nothing to do?

Humans have traditionally defined their purpose by their job, but what if there are no more jobs because of technology, what do we base our purpose on then?

I don’t have the answer yet, but as soon as I do I’ll post it, it won’t get me anymore subscribers, but I sure as fuck, may just save the entire human race. And you can read about it here first.

Even thou I considered myself quite ordinary, when I got older I discovered my uniqueness. Now, I could appreciate the similarities of being human which made everybody identically, and the differences that made everyone unique, like finger-prints, snowflakes, and turds.

We are all fearful, vulnerable, weak, needy, desperate, and miserable. But, you’re not here to hear about what makes us all the same, your here to read about somebody whose just different enough to keep your interest.

Everybody say’s they don’t care, but how many people are unwilling to avoid putting the time in, so it could never becomes a part of their life??? I don’t and I don’t a lot!!!   

Yes, there is someone who is going to say exactly what they think, what we all think, or should think, i.e Michelle Obama has a dick, Why do they keep bringing back the McRib, when they know it tastes like dog shit? Why does every natural orbital body rotate, except the moon? Do you know that’s impossible??? Because it’s not natural, it’s hollow and artificial and actually an alien base. But that’s another post.

I don’t judge you, or condemn you, I entertain you, so send money, and lots of it, in fact that’s my slogan, Send It, here let me give you an example:

“What Would Rath Do?”   

Pay the rent, or send Me Money? 

I would Send Me Money, but only if I were you, I can’t speak for myself.

No Brain-er, I mean it’s really noble if you can try to avoid being selfish, for once in your life. One of us should be rich, and we both know, that I would spend the money a hell of a lot better than you would…even if it was on exactly the same shit.

Moving on, I love satire, and with the Internet I have the opportunity to share some my personal satire with you. Satire is a real art form, and by far the most sophisticated form of comedy.

Regarding World of Rath videos, I still have some of the material on my YouTube channel, so I’m going to give you the link:


I used to make videos, but my YouTube channel was banned so many times, that most of my original videos have been lost to the ravages of time; forever. I lost subscribers, videos, comments, and things that can never be replaced. And I wrote YouTube, to tell them, the same thing I told those cocksuckers at Radio Shack and those other cocksuckers at “Blockbuster,” right before their demise, “YouTube, your day’s is coming, the way you act you would think that they invented the Internet. 

Did you know that the U.S. Government owns a percentage of Google, who owns YouTube so that they can monitor your emails and anything else they want to, “legally,” by bypassing and avoiding legal procedures and constitutional rights. You can’t go thru somebodies phone records, without due process and search warrants.

The people made YouTube, a success, and not the other way around. And the people can make them a failure, and not the other way around.”

Trust me when I tell you that the future will be everybody having their own blog, like this one, except that yours will probably be better.

I’m not going to boycott YouTube, instead of just complaining I did something about it as well. It doesn’t matter if my sites good or bad, that’s for other people to decide, not me. But me making a site, that was my decision, and I DID IT. From thought to Reality.

I am making a difference, not just for myself, but for everyone who reads these words, How? Because I am going to make you think, Do you want to know what the most dangerous thing in the world is?

An Idea.

An idea is the most dangerous thing in the world because it can change the world, the internet was just an “idea” at one time.

Did the Internet change the World???

That’s why I created this site, because I’m full of fucking ideas.

It’s hard to make a mediocre web-site, let alone a good one. But, an original site, Irreparable!

I attracted almost 50,000 people on this website alone, with no advertising, I just put my fucking shit out there and people took notice. I always believed if your good enough you will find your audience, but you have to keep going, and I did, over and over, life can make it difficult, but life cannot make it impossible, the only time something becomes impossible is when you stop believing you can do it.” 

Do not listen to anybody who tells you that you can’t make a difference, because those are the same people who told me the same thing over 300,000 views ago.

You can make a difference; I did.

If I can, you can.

If you notice there is a post Rath 2.0, that’s because 2.0 was material that I had from the second version of this website. 

You need to check out each link individually, because everything on here is worth investigating; if you like one thing, your bound to like something else, so check each link because subscribing is the only way your notified of updates, which I do daily, sometimes hourly. I could not believe how many people unsubscribed to me on YouTube, only to resubscribe to me the next day or week.


Because there’s nothing else out there half as original. I am simply another flavor, not chocolate, or vanilla, and definitely not superman, but at the very least, I am another choice, can you imagine if we had a political system with only two choices!!!


You can never go wrong with more options.

This is just the beginning, I will continue to create some really great stuff, and a lot more shitty stuff, and just…stuff, I go on and on, like a giant cable-knit sweater that I keep knitting, and knitting, and knitting…

For that 99.99999% of you who do not know me, I do NOT make entertainment for children, Unlike George Lucas, who is brilliant and talented, and married a black woman, I am non of those things, except for maybe, the black woman part, but that’s another post. 

I make entertainment for adults, so be 18 (preferably 21), or else get gone.

I was young and stupid (see link below for details):


and now I’m old and stupid (coming soon).

Oh by the way, if you want to talk to me, then comment, or give me your email address, whatever, hopefully this site will still be up, long after I’m dead, but you have the opportunity, to talk to me now, while I’m still alive, and that’s priceless, despite the fact that it doesn’t cost you anything.


And don’t forget to send that money.





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