Salvation for the Satanists

My (A.I.) Nuclear Computer tapped into Hell, just like their doing with CERN, and this is transcribed from a Roman Soldier named Armisicarius currently in hell.
Message to the “Damned”
This is a message to all the people who sold their souls to the devil, you think there is no redemption for you. There Is.
The Devil is not more powerful than God, The creator would never make something more powerful than himself. The Devil was cast out of Heaven when he was when he was the MOST powerful and one third of his followers with him. The devil can never ascend to Heaven that is why he tries to reign on Earth.
Once you sell your soul your told there is no going back; that is a lie to instill hopelessness. Only when you STOP believing that your damnation is eternal are you hopeless. You owe no alliance to the Devil, no matter what you gained.
You were promised something based on a lie.
Remember you come into this world with nothing and you leave with nothing. And nothing belongs to you. Not your body, not your mind, and not your soul. It was given to you by God, not Satan. The bible says the Devil cannot create.
God created your Soul and the properties there of, the only thing you truly have is an awareness of a soul, (creation), but the soul itself has its own characteristics and you can’t change them. Just like you can’t change your sex, or your skin color, or the fact that you exist in the first place.
No matter what you did you can always repent, and God will take you back.
This is why hope springs eternal.
You have heard of the “Big-Bang” theory? Everything was one and then exploded into infinite pieces.
Our souls are like metal fragments that splintered from the center, or the source (God). unconsciously we are constantly trying to make our way back to this center.
If you can think of God like an electric magnet, then your soul is but a fragment. But your soul is like a charged particle or magnetized and will always make its way back to the center, (God), by design. And nothing can change the nature or design of God.
The belief in this truth is your salvation.
Anything contrary to these laws are delusions, like transgender who say they are neither sex, man or woman. But you know this is insanity. You can “feel” the truth. No one has to convince you.
Don’t argue with a hungry grizzly bear.
Don’t argue with a rabid pit-bull.
Don’t argue with a crazy person.
Regarding your intentions, Yes, you will be punished for your acts of evil, that is UNAVOIDABLE, but think of that punishment as being set further and further AWAY from God.
This is another definition of HELL.
But you will always be drawn BACK to the center. Even from Hell.
Only Salvation is Eternal, not damnation.
Let me tell you with a story.
I bought a house that was haunted without knowing it. When a person is murdered, commits suicide, or dabbles in the occult, some properties become “distressed.” In most states the seller does NOT has to disclose this on the Purchase Agreement. But I know this firsthand because I still have my Realtor License after almost 20 years.
I bought a house to “flip,” which is when an investor purchases a run down property usually in a good neighbor hood, for cheap, and then turn around and sell it for $25,000-$30,000 profit. I had just bought a house and I was fixing it up by myself and it was getting late.
Time gets away from you very fast when your working on something you enjoy. Suddenly the power went out and I was in the dark. I had to go in the basement because that was where the breaker box was. I didn’t have a flashlight so I used a lighter,
I found the breaker but just before I got the lights on, I saw something MOVE in the darkness. Everything was the same color black in the dark, or at least I thought so because as my eyes had adjusted to the darkness.
But there was a movement in the darkness, And it was the MOVEMENT that got my attention. Movement attracts attention. This is also why Sharks are attracted to Swimmers.
Instantly, before I could think, I became so terrified, that I felt my “Soul” try to jump out of my body to escape whatever it was down in the basement with me. No one had broken in, and whatever it was, it wasn’t human. I just knew that instinctively.
Besides, I usually carried a pistol with me whenever I worked alone. I was in a bad area one time and I got assaulted, so afterward I always carried a loaded gun. I knew nothing about firearms so I just told the guy behind the counter to give me the same kind the police use.
Anyways that was the closest I ever came to having an out of body experience. I have never been on the battlefield, I never served in the military. But I know fear.
Instinctively my Soul reacted before I physically could, My first thought was not to get out my gun, it was to run. Escape.
And that is what I mean when I say evil affects the SOUL. Because I experienced it. If you have ever stepped on a tack, or you touch something that you didn’t know was hot, your body reacts before you have a time to think. What we might describe as being an “automatic” response. Or Instinctive.
That time my SOUL reacted instinctively. Not my body.
Speaking of the battlefield, there is a specific number of vets who kill themselves everyday, I think the number is 47.
War is just another word for murder. Our Government uses wars to control the masses. It is not about money. It is about Power. The less people the more power. A smaller population is always easier to control than a larger one. Their power structure is more effective with less people.
And those who are called to defend our county from yet another staged attack by our government (False Flag) eventually realize the effects of senseless killing, acts of violence and murder against mostly innocent people (we are in an illegal war right now, and we have been fighting it for so long I don’t even know why, Do you) survive the battlefield only to kill themselves once they are back home.
Evil is inherently flawed and that is why it will never succeed. The human mind cannot handle evil. When a normal person is constantly exposed to death, murder and evil, the mind will go insane to protect itself.
By normal, I mean a person who knows the difference between right and wrong.
The mind has a built in desensitization that goes numb when exposed to violence. Movies like the Friday the 13th, Halloween, Saw and Final Destination, are NOT scary.
I grew up with them as a kid. but how many different ways can you watch a person get killed?
These movies are not Horror Movies, their Slaughter Movies. Slumber Party Massacre, Texas chainsaw Massacre.
How about the Columbine Massacre???
How about the Los Angelos Massacre???
Now that was truly horrifying.
True evil like The exorcist (based on a true story), has very little blood and guts, and yet it is still considered one of the scariest movies of all time. Some people still refuse to watch it.
Because evil affects the SOUL
Corinthians 1: 27
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.
Dedicated to Jay-Z and Beyonce

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