What is a Suppressionist

Unlike a Conspirator (Paranoid), a “Suppressionist” is the term coined by me, Jason Kondrath 10/27/2017, who does not believe the official story that produces only partial evidence, or gaping holes in the official story, i.e. the John F Kennedy Assignation, who was killed by double-agent Oswald, who acted alone, with no weapons at the time of his arrest, and escorted out the front door of the police station, to be executed in front of a dozen policeman and a frenzy of reporters.

Ruby (the second shooter) died in prison, and all information has been hidden or (suppressed) from the public to hide the illegal activities of the United States Government.
Hence the new term: Suppressionist.
If innocent why hide it? It’s the true that sets you free.
Donald Trump Presidential Candidate said to the Black community,(Paraphrasing)”Well, what have you got to lose?”
After the television broadcast, I tweeted him,
No, no Uncle Donald, (Joke, as we are not related), if you want to expand your political base, you want to say something more “Universal,” so I suggestive that he use this instead,
“We all bleed red, and we all die broke.”
A few months later, after he was elected, Donald Trump the President, said in a speech, and trying to unite both Republican and Democrat’s who are two halves of the same ass, and both full of shit).
…and we all bleed the same Red Blood of the American Patriots…
I was hoping that he was referring to the Football Team who cheated at the last “Super Bowl” by coming back from a 21 point advantage during the last quarter, because the other team stopped playing. The losing team wasn’t even interviewed. But somebody lost their Jersey, that’s all I remember.

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