Tones of the Rainbow

(No Sexual Reference).

Let me start by asking you a question:

1.What if I told you that the color Red was better than the color Blue, what would you say?

If you preferred the color Blue, you would say No.

So my statement is an opinion, but not a fact. It is better to me because I prefer it as an individual, but not to shares this same opinion.

  1. How about if I said, the color Red is different than the color Blue?

This is a fact, because colors are different, and that doesn’t change regardless of how we feel about them.

Now what if I said the color white is better than the color black what would you say?

Whatever your preference, its not true, because each color has something to offer. That being said, excluding white and black, which are actually defined as “tones” and not “colors” you have the “Rainbow.

I want to use the colors of the Rainbow to represent the races of the world. Because we don’t have colors like White and Black, in the Rainbow, we have to use “substitute” other colors to represent them instead.

For example:

Red is Indian

Orange is a combination of Red and Yellow.

Yellow is Chinese

Green is a combination of Yellow and Blue

Blue is nothing so lets substitute this for Black.

Purple is nothing so let’s use substitute this for White.

Please don’t read anything into the Primary Colors; there is nothing.

No matter what colors you have in the spectrum, no one color can be the Rainbow, not White, not Black, not Red. So in this respect all colors (races) are equal. They may be different but they all have something to offer. They wouldn’t exist otherwise.

When all the individual colors come together in harmony, they form the Rainbow which is something that none of them could be as Individuals. Only collectively can all the colors become something greater than themselves as individuals.

None of the colors compete against the other colors, to fit in the Rainbow, competition is unnecessary, as all of them relate and belong together in complete Harmony.


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