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This is a list of Web-Sites that I either use or have used in the past. Maybe you may find them useful, if you have a website please let me know and I will post it here, and give you your props.


1. Celeb Jihad

A celebrity Jihad satirizes the idea of violent jihad, with the objective of making them figures of ridicule, and can be an effective means of defusing jihad.



 2. WIP

WIP (Women in Prison Films), a specific type of exploitation film, but actually this website in particular also includes a lot of hard to find movies that are almost impossible to find any place else.



 3. Invite Hawk

A lot of torrent sites like Pirate Bay that are no longer available, are going private to protect themselves which means you have to pay to become a member. Here is a site that lets you register to these sites when they have “open registration,” which means you can become a member for free.



   4. Befonts

Fonts are the way the text or letters look, style and size. An they can be expensive especially if there’s a specific font that you want. Before the internet if you liked one particular song that you heard on the radio, most of the time you would have to buy the entire CD, and that got very expensive. Here is a website where you can download a large variety of fonts for free.



5. File Catch

This is just another option for finding files that you would like to download, I don’t know if it’s still updated, but I just used it and you have a 50/50 shot a finding what you want.



6. 4Shared://http://www.4shared.com/

If you need file storage this site offers it for free, with an option for a paid upgrade, 4shared is convenient, dependable, and easy to use, I create links for uses to download information from this very site.  


7. Jason A 



Jason “Fucking” A, as far as I’m concerned, this guy’s site gives me nightmares. I don’t where Jason gets his information, but I have never seen a better site with a collection of “End of the World,” Prophecies and Prediction Videos, and I should know because I’ve followed him since Feb 2011, when he predicted the end of the world back then, and every year since. So this fucking guy know his shit. Very entertaining. 

Spoiler: Please do not view this site if your currently taking anti-depressants or suicidal. 


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